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Can I wash dry clean only Next suit trousers?

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PavlovtheCat · 29/07/2007 11:55

I urgently need them for court work tomorrow, and DD has food marks on them, they really need a wash.
Can I put them in the machine, just once? They are cotton material.

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WendyWeber · 29/07/2007 11:58

You probably can but they might shrink - if you sponge the marks off and then wash at the coolest temp there is and don't tumble dry they might be OK.

Bit iffy though...

PavlovtheCat · 29/07/2007 12:00

ok. I have already just sponged them off and worn them...dont think I can get away with it this time. I might 'hand wash' them now and then hang them up to dry. I have another suit but the trousers on those are dirty too. It was sprung on me, dont usually work in court, and if I do, have more notice! so not much time to preapre for it.

Thanks, they are abit big, hehehe!

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WendyWeber · 29/07/2007 12:20

Mean to spring something like that on you!

Good luck then

oxocube · 29/07/2007 17:23

I wash h's suit trousers in the machine on a wool wash at 30 degs even though it says dry clean only. They come out fine.

Furball · 29/07/2007 17:30

I would do them on a short/wool cycle at either 0 or 30 degrees

PavlovtheCat · 29/07/2007 21:46

thank you oxo and furball.
I have washed them, 'hand wash' cycle, they appear fine but are soaking so I might have to customise for tomorrow. I dont like not wearing matching suit jacket and trousers, but I have a really smart dress which is suitable, and one my suit jackets looks good over it, quite elegant. I will just look a bit more glamorous than I usually do! I dont have to wear jacket all day anyway, only in court room/running around the corridors chasing people.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Fingers crossed trousers are ok

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