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Arghhh! Tesco has stopped selling Napisan!!!

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clarevoiant · 25/07/2007 17:24

At least they have in Aylesbury do they still sell it in other areas or is this a general thing?

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LilyLoo · 25/07/2007 17:26

If you ask your local chemist they should be able to get it for you.

cktwo · 25/07/2007 19:50

I bought some at Tesco Halifax three or four weeks ago.
Do they have a suggestions box at your tesco? You could bombard them with requests til they re-stock

clarevoiant · 25/07/2007 20:10

Ah yes,i last bought some 2 weeks ago,when iwent in today they'd changed the aisle around and i couldn't find it,when i asked, they looked it up on the puter and said it had been discontinued!

I filled in a cutomer comment form and just put 'where has the napisan gone?'.

thelady on customer services said it was a regional head office decision by the 'men in suits' (who obviously dont do the laundry)

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