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What is good for cleaning ovens??? (Apart from oven cleaner!)

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icklmum · 24/07/2007 09:49

Ok so Dp brought me homa a nice shiny new cooker the other day, and last night the chicken kievs decided to christen the oven in yucky greasy fat
I've got no oven cleaner and no money to get any til the weekend.
Has anyone got any ideas of what i can try that i might already have????

well I've got to take ds2 for his MMR now but would be greatful for any hints.

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 24/07/2007 10:12

any kitchen cleaner and a green scrubby thing

elbow grease is the key here

Biglips · 24/07/2007 10:14

ive always had use Mr Muscle oven cleaner mr muscle!

puppydavies · 24/07/2007 10:15

dampen bottom of oven, sprinkle over bicarb, leave overnight, wipe. sorted.

puppydavies · 24/07/2007 10:16

no elbow grease required

Biglips · 24/07/2007 10:28

but bicar is a answer for nearly everything

coddy · 24/07/2007 10:30

a man

Enid · 24/07/2007 10:31

wipe it out with an Ecloth or Jcloth soaked in hot water and a bit of fairy

it shouldnt be baked on yet

[confused as to why this is difficult]

MrsSpoon · 24/07/2007 10:36

Oooh, does the bicarb thing work on a really grotty oven?

puppydavies · 24/07/2007 10:39

oh yes, it deals with a full 6 months worth of grot

MrsSpoon · 24/07/2007 10:40

That's fantastic I'll give it a go.

alexw · 24/07/2007 10:51

stupid question, but is bicarb different from soda crystals??

icklmum · 24/07/2007 10:59

thanx all,
enid I had tried that I too am confused as to why its not coming off ive tried flash, good old fairy and lots of hot water! just when you think its off it dries and its still cover in a sticky speckled film! [hmmm]
i think ill try the bicarb thou.....failing that I might give coddy's idea a go and grab a man

OP posts:
CoffeeCrazedMama · 24/07/2007 22:16

Fairy power spray in the green spray bottle. It's meant for dishes etc but it is brilliant for inside the oven (works on the glass door too). Seems less toxic to use than oven cleaner. Brilliant for a quick spruce up of the oven.

alexw · 25/07/2007 08:33

So, are bicarb and soda crystals different things??

CoffeeCrazedMama · 25/07/2007 11:10

Yes - bicarb is in a little tub you buy in the cake making section of the supermarket, soda crystals (if they have them at all) are in the washing powder bit (more likely to find them at ironmongers or John Lewis). And you can't put them in cakes!

alexw · 25/07/2007 16:45


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