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Help me sort out my washing machine, it's being weird.

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EscapeFrom · 21/07/2007 14:55

If the washing stays in there for more than a day, it fills the drum with dirty water! It hasn't always done this, and I have checked the waste pipe is in place - what's wrong with it?

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Carnoodleusfudge · 21/07/2007 15:09

It's telling you to stop being so lazy and after it has done it's work it's time for you to do yours and hang it out to dry

EscapeFrom · 21/07/2007 15:11

I have wondered about that you know - whether it is punishing me for ignoring it!

OP posts:
EscapeFrom · 05/08/2007 14:26

It's still doing it, why is it still doing it? Anyone know?

OP posts:
lankyesme · 05/08/2007 22:33

Are you breastfeeding?? Same thing happened to my machine, not emptying or spinning properly. Culprit was a breast pad that had some how managed to sneak through the seals.

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