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blood, new linen hand wash only trousers...

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EmilyandLola · 20/07/2007 20:08

How does one get blood out of linen trousers? Any good products you know of?

OP posts:
babygrand · 20/07/2007 20:09

Firstly, I never hand wash anything.

For blood I would use Ace Bleach.

Wisteria · 20/07/2007 20:10

I have 3 pairs of linen trousers - all of which go through the wash at 30 and are fine.
Soak them in cold water overnight and the majority of blood will come out then wash them in your machine.....

chipkid · 20/07/2007 20:11

cold water will remove it. Just soak before washing always works for me

puppydavies · 20/07/2007 20:13

saliva on fresh (wet) blood. really.

FioFio · 20/07/2007 20:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

EmilyandLola · 20/07/2007 20:21

they are in soak now in cold tap water
any other tips?

OP posts:
Wisteria · 20/07/2007 20:22

Will salt not 'fix' the stain Fio? My Mum always shouted at me if I used salt on stuff, I'm probably wrong though (or she was!)

FioFio · 20/07/2007 20:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Wisteria · 20/07/2007 20:42

How do we know they're white? You're probably right Fio, but plain water works anyway.

FioFio · 20/07/2007 20:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Wisteria · 20/07/2007 20:55

Well I have 6 x 13yr olds and 5 x 11yr old girls here so I wish i was on another planet, can I come to yours please?

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