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Stains on clothes, especially chocolate ice cream - driving me mad HELP

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Wags · 14/07/2007 13:22

I am not terribly precious about my DC getting grubby, in my eyes everything can be washed. But I am now beginning to get really irritated as I am finding it so hard to get some stains off, especially chocolate ice cream (mini milks). I use vanish spray, then non bio at 40 degrees. No use whatsoever! Just packing a few bits for the kids as we are staying out overnight and several of DS tops still have the stains on them. Anyone got any tips, don't want to turn into one of those Mums fussing over them getting dirty all the time but I'm teetering on the edge of it

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BillWeasleyBeast · 14/07/2007 18:37

Granny's secret spot remover from lakeland

snowwonder · 14/07/2007 18:39

if there are white tops you could use a bit of diluted bleach......

the pink oxy stuff is meant to be good thats in the tub and you sprinkle on before you wash

NAB3 · 14/07/2007 18:40

Make sure you soak and use cold water. If you wash first or soak in hot water it "cooks" the stain and fixes it.

pinkteddy · 14/07/2007 18:43

fairy liquid and cold water - before putting in washing machine. Brilliant for stains. Do this first by hand - then vanish and washing machine. Works every time

BecauseImTheFatLady · 15/07/2007 08:12

And some stains - especially carrot and sometimes tomato - will be bleached away if you hang them out in bright sunshine.

Sorry that's not very helpful, given current weather ...

FluffyMummy123 · 15/07/2007 08:48

Message withdrawn

hoolagirl · 15/07/2007 09:48

My mums pal passed this tip on yesterday (we have no life).
Firsts soak in the oxy thing for 1 hour, she says there is still some staining left after this.
Then she puts it in a hand wash thing from Aldi's and she swears it takes the stains out her granddaughters clothes.

Wags · 15/07/2007 13:03

Thanks for these tips. I love anything with the word 'Lakeland' in it so will try that. I don't ever soak in cold water first so need to do that as well. Don't worry Hoolagirl, beginning to think I have no life as well when all I can get excited about is Lakeland Plastics!

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