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Bathroom flooring

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Katsma · 14/07/2007 01:13

What's the best flooring for my new bathroom?

Used to be a disgusting carpet - so I don't want that again!

Laminate - Does the water soak between the strips, ruining the floor?

Tiles - Cold? Very slippy when wet?

Lino - A bit naff? Am thinking of the last lino I had 15yrs ago though, maybe it's improved since then?

Any thoughts? Would like easy to clean. Also, although DD is only 9mo, she will soon be causing tidal waves in the bath, so would like it to be pretty impervious to standing water, and safe from a slip point of view.

OP posts:
KalunaLoveGood · 14/07/2007 01:17

very water resistant, superb quality and lasts a lifetime without looking 'naff'

Katsma · 14/07/2007 01:25

Wow - lino certainly has moved on since my brown patterned kitchen floor

Thanks KLG - can't see any prices, but it's only a small area.

OP posts:
Furball · 14/07/2007 07:02

try and get a specific bathroom one so it's non slip

KalunaLoveGood · 21/07/2007 17:14

I have the blue wavy one that shimmers in the sunlight on my bathroom floor - looks fab

AlwaysWatchingCastawayAt2am · 21/07/2007 17:18

i have round stud rubber flooring in Mouse. i love it, it's warm underfoot, easy to clean, non-slip, looks good etc..

NKF · 21/07/2007 17:20

Tiles. Long lasting, look good for ages.

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