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What furniture do u have in your SMALL 2nd RECEPTION room?

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Biglips · 30/06/2007 19:41

as i need ideas!


OP posts:
themildmanneredjanitor · 30/06/2007 19:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Slubberdegullion · 30/06/2007 19:43



Would have elegant small chairs if it wasn't filled up with DC's toys!

MrsBadger · 30/06/2007 19:45

it's the dining room, so table, chairs, bookcases

bozza · 30/06/2007 19:47

Ours is dining room too. So table, chairs, corner cabinet with china and glasses, side table with photos on.

Biglips · 30/06/2007 19:53

ive already got a dining room but the 2nd reception room "the back room" is not organised as it got mis-match furniture in it and looks like a student room!! and not homely!

OP posts:
Kewcumber · 30/06/2007 19:54

mine's called a hallway. Has lots of shoes.

Biglips · 30/06/2007 19:54

and also it got a computer in it too

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 30/06/2007 19:54

what do you use it for?

MrsBadger · 30/06/2007 19:55

(NB if you have a living and a dining room as well as 'the back room' then technically it's your third reception room)

newlifenewname · 30/06/2007 19:57

my mother has my old piano, a sofa and a bookshelf as well as tree thing.

UCM · 30/06/2007 19:59

Tis a craft room. I have a worktop running around one wall and round the other to the french doors , then I have cheap kitchen cupboards along the top of both walls as well.

In the opposite corner is my pc where I do all of my MNing, then a little filing cabinet and then a little cupboard for more craft stuff.

UCM · 30/06/2007 19:59

Actually it's my 3rd reception room since I feel like bragging. But it's not very big.

bubblerock · 30/06/2007 20:03

Ours will eventually be the 'grown up' nice lounge and a corner for the office so hopefully it will be free of crap unlike the rest of the house! The kids have the other lounge with toys and the playstation/little snooker table in the dining room - their stuff gets everywhere!

UCM · 30/06/2007 20:06

Bubble, it WONT, you do know that don't you. As even though I have made my 'craft room sound delightful. It also has pram, buggy, 2 bikes, DH electrical tools that he can't leave in van (we got robbed), Henry hoover. There will never ever be a room in your house that is 'just for adults' whilst you have children and that is my final word

cat64 · 30/06/2007 20:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Hathor · 30/06/2007 20:08

Ha haa haa. Have small first living room. No reception room. The furniture is indescribably awful.

bubblerock · 30/06/2007 20:10

LOL - my dream is shattered

It's really tricky to utilise undefined space isn't it? Without it turning into a junkhole. Ours is an ex Hotel so the layout's even worse!

flibbertyjibbet · 30/06/2007 20:15

2nd reception room....I think ours is called the kitchen...or poorch....

I find the less space I have, the less junk I am inclined to accumulate

MrMaloryTowers · 30/06/2007 20:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChippyMinton · 30/06/2007 20:51

That'd be the adult sitting room, except that it needs decorating (orange pine panelling and polystyrene ceiling tiles - nice) so i cannot bear to spend a minute in there. It has DH's lazyboy, sky sports on an ancient TV, sofa & armchair(match each other but not the lazyboy), drinks cabinet, heaving bookshelves. I have my own room - "glory hole" would be the polite way of describing my study/craft room.

wotsits · 30/06/2007 21:02

It's my room ("Mummy's Room") but for now it has a small bookcase, a 2-seater sofa, one small wing chair, a small round table in the corner, travel cot & various baby-related items. It will eventually be a baby-free zone

LIZS · 30/06/2007 21:10

pc and desk, 3 Ikea bookcases , one tall Billy and 2 short with doors, 2 Ikea chairs and an electric stove. Would be a dining room but also have kitchen /breakdfast.

MarsLady · 30/06/2007 21:17

I wanted it to be me room but I have too many blardy children. So it is filled with comfy couches, bookcases, the tv, toys (grrrr) a filing cabinet (which I'm moving to the dining room/family room off the kitchen) etc etc.........

I could have the futility room as my own, but then I'd have to fight with the ironing for space!

Enid · 30/06/2007 21:18

is a weeny dining room

long dining table

kensgirl · 30/06/2007 21:34

Dning room too!

Round,extending able and 4 leather chairs, a sideboard, a tub chair and side table, some linear shelving. A big vase thing too, Thats it, Not worth posting rally was it?

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