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How many more damn slugs are there?

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Chirpygirl · 30/06/2007 11:49

I've finally found where the slugs are hiding in my kitchen, I spotted one sliming it's way behind the cladding in the gap the grout left so I salted in front of it as it is a bit close to the baby gate for me to risk pellets.
The next day I had nothing but the day after I had 3 dead slugs. I kept salting it in case there were more hiding and now a week later I have had 8 altogether, sometiems 2 or 3 days go by with nothing and then the next day, more corpses for DH to deal with!
How many could there be?! They can't be getting in from outside to there as it is a stand alone wall so there must be a nest [shudder].

OP posts:
SlightlyMadSlug · 30/06/2007 11:50
SlightlyMadSlug · 30/06/2007 11:50

Sorry should have been a

Ulysees · 30/06/2007 11:52

I've got them too, only been in this house 4 months. Even get them in living and dining room. Be interested to hear if there's a cure. Some are huge!

Chirpygirl · 30/06/2007 11:58

SMS, please come and have a word with them! gross little feckers!

Ulysees, it has taken me 6 months to find the nest, I would recommend giving up a night's decent kip and coming downstairs about 2-3am, turn the lights on and watch where they go. I can't use pellets cos I have DD and birds who will eat them, at least if she eats salt it will put her straight off going back for a second taste.....

OP posts:
Ulysees · 30/06/2007 12:08

They have a nest
I've caught them partying late morning and just put them in the bin but others are around Didn't think to watch them retreat.

Chirpygirl · 30/06/2007 12:31

My problem is I can't even touch them as they make me boak, so I had no choice but to watch them as DH wouldn't get out of bed and move them for me
And he isn't allowed to put them in the bin, he has to take them to the far end of the garden and chuck them there!
I am assuming they have a nest as the ones I am slaughtering with salt now are weeny babies (mwahahaha)

OP posts:
Ulysees · 30/06/2007 20:22

Oh my mate is like you, she says I'm lucky she comes here as she's scared of them lmao

I've never seen ones this big though But no fear, I can take them on
Would rather they'd feck off eslewhere though!

Ulysees · 30/06/2007 20:22


mummag · 09/07/2007 13:21

nests?!! really how yucky. I have loads of the buggers in my bathroom, at night. How do i get rid? how do they get in? Are they like those creatures that can get in through a tiny hole (rats and mice can). Not pleased by my visitors, also have loads of woodlice and we had ants for a while but put pepper down so they could not come in again. We have a downstairs bathroom by the way!

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