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And today's award for Most Slovenly Person goes to...

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JackieNo · 26/06/2007 16:31

...ME, because I only just got round to throwing away the Christmas cards that were in a bowl on the chest in the dining room.

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Pannacotta · 26/06/2007 16:34

I had the impression you were super-duper organised Jackieno, but feel better knowing I am not the only domestic non-goddess who posts on the Good Housekeeping threads!

DragonFaerie · 26/06/2007 16:35

LOL Jackie, you just made me feel a little better!

JackieNo · 26/06/2007 16:35

Oh no - definitely not super-organised. I just like reading the Lakeland catalogue.

OP posts:
DragonFaerie · 26/06/2007 16:38


belgo · 26/06/2007 16:38

Hope you recycle them!

JackieNo · 26/06/2007 16:39

Of course (eventually).

OP posts:
belgo · 26/06/2007 16:40
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