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\/\/\/\/ Tuesday FLY \/\/\/\/

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Jas · 26/06/2007 06:52


OP posts:
Jas · 26/06/2007 06:55

I'm going to collect new bedroom drawers today so will be spending today out/sorting out the bedroom.

Have a good day all.

(Hello skribble.....come and say hello in the morning and we will try and get you motivated)

OP posts:
SimplySparkling · 26/06/2007 07:52

Thanks for the thread Jas.

I saw your post skribble early this morning but didn't post a reply as I wanted to wait for this thread to start. Morning to you and everyone.

Slept badly last night. Lots of work on and lots to do at home, too. Got to bed after midnight and woke up as a result of a dream at 6am. Am showered and dressed ready for work. Hope to finish promptly today and come home early.

Have a good day and I'll see you later.

glitterfairy · 26/06/2007 08:01

Hello jas and simply. List later. I couldnt get up this morning even though I went to bed at 10.30!

GlassSlipper · 26/06/2007 08:08

Morning all. Off out in a bit but did this mission yesterday.

If you need motivation - Go and put a load in the w/m, have breakfast and do a 2 minute hotspot somewhere.

SimplySparkling · 26/06/2007 08:38

Hi gf and glasss. gf I woke cos in my dream, my late Dad was saying the wrong thing to his dsis not realising who he was speaking to and she was about to blow her top!

~ put cats and dogs bowls to soak
~ loaded d/w ready to put on when I return
~ load in w/m and now on airer - won't bother with the w/line today
~ showered, brekkied and dressed
~ fed neighbour's cat and fish and my cat
~ folded a dry load from the airer
~ emptied the bin and put stuff in recycling bin
~ cleared out the little fridge and bread bin of yukky stuff

To do:-
~ makeup
~ drive to work

Right. Am off to work.

yaddayah · 26/06/2007 10:19

Guten Morgen !
Hope everyone is fine and did diddilily dangly !

I have
Cleaned the sofa's
Unloaded/reloaded d/w
One white load on
Cleared a heap of toys

Got to:
Eat more healthily today
Dust main bedroom
Dust Living room
Clean kitchen
Sweep floor's

Laters dudearino's

Off to do 15 mins

julezboo · 26/06/2007 10:52

Can I join in? Been flying for a while but sort of in my own routine now!

I have done:
Kids Breakfast
put wash on
sorted out mail
stripped our bed full of baby sick lol

I have to do:
Sort out kitchen drawers
one more load of washing
fold and put washing away
make bed
clean bathroom
clean DS's room

Have a good day all xxx

Olivebranch · 26/06/2007 10:52

Morning ALL

Hoping for less rain today so I can get some clothes dry - I went and bought one of those retractable clothes lines to put up in the garage - however need DH to put it up he didn't seem to keen last night


to do list:

~ carried over from yesterday Ironing a must
~ vacuum upstairs & down
~ check bathroom/downstairs loo
~ clean kitchen

Everyone have a good day

glitterfairy · 26/06/2007 11:32

Hello julezboo. simply being a peacemaker in your dreams is worrying LOL!

Right so far have completed:

Washing x1 (another lot in now)
Drying on line
Putting away washing
Completing three job applications

Now to do:

Washing up from breakfast
Hoover (quick today)
Finish clearing hotspot in dining room
Sort out fireplace in living room getting rid of candle mess!
Shower and get ready for kids collection

yaddayah · 26/06/2007 12:02

welcome julezboo
waves to olivebracnch and glitter

Crikey its cold here today .. what is going on with this weather ??

Have cleaned the kitchen, taking dd to nursery in a mo so will get on properly then

If you see me on any other threads please give me a stern talking to !

EHM · 26/06/2007 13:10

jas early start again, thanks for the thread. Hope you have a good day.
simplySHope you have a better night tonightOdd dream, did it upset you?
Hi GlassS,GF & OB. Welcome to julezboo
Hey yadd It blinkin cold here too

So chuffed didn't look at mission yesterday honest (scouts honour!) just looked today. I did mission yesterday, yipiee!!!!!!!!!!!

Been to Dr's with Ellie this morning as she has rash on her legs & coughing like good un last night. So much she was sick, very unsettled.
Dr advised that viral chest infection, given stronger inhaler.

Done so far:
breakfast/washed/dressed me & dd
1 load in wm
load & run dw
dr's with dd
boots for inhaler
take back mobile to CPWarehouse
Wilkinson for Oven cleaner ect
ELC buy toy for Ellie with gift voucher
make bed
lunch dd (attempted)

To Do:
s & s kitchen,bathroom&downstairs loo
hoover upstairs(cats are casting needs doing everyday really)
clean oven
pull out bed & furniture in my room hoover.wipe down surfaces, blinds etc.
make something for tea.

There is more but that will do for now, all depends on how ellie is poor wee lamb.

Have a good afternoon everyone.x.x.

glitterfairy · 26/06/2007 13:14

Falling behind already. Waving back yadda and hi EHM poor ellie hope she is better soon.

yaddayah · 26/06/2007 14:39

Poor Ellie, she seems to have been ill for ages

Waves back to glitter

Well i've been a busy bee :

Eat more healthily today eaten a crunchie
Hoover done
Dust main bedroom
Dust Living room done
Clean kitchen done
Sweep floor's done
Iron done.. yay I have an empty basket !!

Also resorted ds's lego and put them in seperate tins in attempt to stop losing the vital piece that holds the whole thing together

Off to pick up dd and take ds to playdate

Back later !

EHM · 26/06/2007 15:40

Thanks GF & yadd. yadd it does feel like that

tortoise · 26/06/2007 17:19

Hi all.
EHM poor Ellie. i hope she is well son.((( hugs )))

I had a good morning sorting out any mess in the kitchen 1st. Wasn't bad as i seem to be keeping on top of it a bit better at the moment.

Then had a tidy round in the front room. Its a constant battle to keep it tidy and i fail all the time!

Posted some Ebay parcels too. Few to package up today/tomorrow ready for posting.

Hope to list some boys clothes tonight. One day i will have a clear cupboard.
Nearly £200 in paypal now which will help with the holiday.

tortoise · 26/06/2007 17:19

Soon* not son!

yaddayah · 26/06/2007 18:19

Well done on the £200 tort !

Dc's just been fed and are watching Wonderpets, got quite a lot done today

see you all tommorrow !

tortoise · 26/06/2007 18:41

Thanks Yadda Should have just over £200 now with latest payments

julezboo · 26/06/2007 20:42

Ok i fell behind a bit today! But only cos I got lots delivered!!

I have to do:
Sort out kitchen drawers
one more load of washing Done
fold and put washing away
make bed Done
clean bathroom Done
clean DS's room

Also, unpacked new kettle, toaster, blender, iron, glasses and pan sets.
More dishes
broke all boxes down and put in bin bags
built changing table
Made tea!

Still got to do!!
list things on ebay
Put Towels away
Make lunches.

SimplySparkling · 26/06/2007 22:57

gf Everything about me is worrying!

EHM You are kind! My thought was "Oh, bh, he's gone and done it now!" It made me smile wryly. Quite typical of him to do something he shouldn't and me rush to try to help.

luda Sorry, I haven't e-mailed you yet. Would Thurs or Fri be okay this week for you to come over? If it still suits you, that is? Are you, ds or dd2 allergic to cats and dogs at all?

Jas I should have asked you, that, too, sorry. Blooming cat and dog hairs get absolutely everywhere!

Sorry, a belated hello to newbies. I have only glanced through the thread. Welcome!

Right. I'm off to bed. See you tomorrow or Weds. If you see me around on the thread tomorrow morning, please remind me that I need to be in work promptly tomorrow as I have someone coming to see me and he didn't confirm the time. I don't want to keep him waiting so need to be in by 9am. Nos da pawb!

Jas · 27/06/2007 06:42


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