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Good price for room painting?

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Lentils · 19/06/2007 17:23

Hi--decorators have quoted us 150 pounds to paint dd's room. It's quite small, about 12 square meters, but the skirting boards definitely need to be sanded, as well as the door frame. The 150 pounds includes materials. I think this is very worth it. Dh is still threatening to do it himself.

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Lentils · 19/06/2007 18:09


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charliecat · 19/06/2007 18:11

i think thats a great price.

KerryMum · 19/06/2007 18:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lentils · 19/06/2007 18:18

but this includes sanding of woodwork, primin walls, fixing cracks etc and Includes materials.

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NBuGgeration · 19/06/2007 18:20

I think you could do it yourself cheaper than that.

Sandpaper, polyfilla, gloss and emulsion wont be that expensive.

Ellaroo · 19/06/2007 18:25

If you have enough money to not worry about £150 then I think you should pay someone else to do it - after all, painting is very dull work.
However, if you are strapped for cash then it seems a little feeble to get someone in - it really is easy (but dull) work, including the crack-filling and sanding bits, and really quite hard to do a truly bad job as long as you take a bit of care and use lots of masking tape and floor sheets.
By the way, I think the quote sounds reasonable, but if you did it yourself you'd have over £100 to spend on something much more fun!

inamuckingfuddle · 19/06/2007 18:58

Do it, its a good price - painting is always far more hassle than you think and takes longer than you expect, especially to do a decent job.

inamuckingfuddle · 19/06/2007 18:59

also, consider how valuable your time is and what you could be doing with that time rather than painting the room

KerryMum · 19/06/2007 19:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Spider · 19/06/2007 19:03

If you can pay someone - and that seems like a good price to me - then do so. Otherwise, if you're anything like us, you'll never get it done.

handlemecarefully · 19/06/2007 19:06

That's good value.

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