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what flooring?

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knat · 18/06/2007 10:35

We've got a 3 month old puppy, a 3 yr old dd and a very soggy carpet! We use the conservatory and kitchen most of the day and the kitchen is tiled but the conservatory has carpet. Need a better floor for cleaning puddles and mucky paws etc can anyone suggest what would be appropriate? I've heard that wooden floors/laminate might not be the best for the puppy as will slip a lot? Any ideas welcome. Thanks

OP posts:
UCM · 18/06/2007 18:23

Get a good laminate with grooves in.

Whoooosh · 18/06/2007 18:25

Karndean-fantastic stuff.

NoodleStroodle · 18/06/2007 18:26

Dalsouple rubber flooring

knat · 20/06/2007 11:37

thanks v much i'll look into the rubber adn karndean (never heard of this!)

Thanks again

OP posts:
pobletsmum · 20/06/2007 11:39

Karndean or Amtico - very similar to each other. Basically tough vinyl tiles, but there's tons of choice - wood effect or tile effect. Very hard wearing & waterproof, used in a lot of shops these days.

knat · 20/06/2007 11:46

great! Is the tile very cushioned? We have office equipment in conservatory as well and dh says office chair will put hole in cushioned lino when its wheeled around?

OP posts:
pobletsmum · 20/06/2007 11:58

No, not cushioned at all. It's not like lino, I guess if I had to compare it to something, it's most like plastic on the top ie tough and hard, but WAY nicer. Very bad comparison, but it's more like plastic than lino!

pobletsmum · 20/06/2007 12:00

Just to add a bit more to the picture, I think if you dropped a knife on it (the sort of thing I would do by accident!), it would most likely bounce, or maybe stick straight in and stay upright. Does that make sense?

The cheapest ranges of Karndean don't have a very nice grain effect, but by spending a little more, you can get a really natural look.

Kewcumber · 20/06/2007 12:02

proper lino (on a roll) is great stuff and easy to keep clean - lots of hospitals use it. Google marmoleum. Its not cushioned.

Kewcumber · 20/06/2007 12:02

my cats slide on the laminate floors.

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