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Removing sticky tape

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ApplePieandCustard · 18/06/2007 10:21

Moved a little while ago and I think the person here before must have had rugs and taped them to the floor in the hall.
So now I have horrible sticky tape all over the floor and today I'm trying to remove it all.
Any tips for getting it off?

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 18/06/2007 19:00

baby wipes

sullysmum · 26/06/2007 00:05

Thankyou for that tip ,just tried it, great so far!

eidsvold · 26/06/2007 00:10

depending on the floor - nail polish remover or eucalyptus oil

sparklygothkat · 26/06/2007 00:14

would this work on my fridge freezer? when we moved, DH and FIL taped the doors close with parcel tape and it left marks??

Macdog · 26/06/2007 05:15

WD40 is great for removing sticky residue.

SimplySparkling · 26/06/2007 06:30

Sticky Stuff remover from Lakeland Check the label carefully, though, to make sure it is safe for your needs.

SofiaAmes · 26/06/2007 07:30

oil of any sort. I use olive oil on food related sticky tape.
Yes, you can use it on your fridge too.

GlassSlipper · 26/06/2007 21:25

definitely wd40 depending on hard surfaces

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