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privet · 12/06/2007 12:34

I wanted to paint inside a storage cupboard in the kitchen. As I didnt know what type of paint has been used previously( not gloss) I bought special grease resistant paint for kitchen( silk emulsion). 15 min ago I started to paint and realised that my roller doesnt do the job, it slides leaving a trace of paint. It took 3 layers of my paint to paint the ceilling(have to wait to see final result). I think the original paint is much glossier.
I am puzzled and dont know whether to stop and buy a gloss paint, or to carry on hoping that after several layers my paint will eventually cover the dirty spots.
And what will happen to the celling paint when it dries out? will it peel off if it turnes out that original paint was a gloss?
I would appreciate your advice. Thanks

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Tortington · 12/06/2007 12:39

for future reference if you have greasy surfaces best to wash with sugar soap from the diy shop you can buy it in a spray

privet · 12/06/2007 13:11

oh, these are different sort of spots, they are left after tubes welding and dont go even after scrubbing.

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