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How much to wash stuff for newborn

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NoviceKnitter · 08/06/2007 09:38

Hi - I read somewhere on Mumsnet that you should wash new real nappies three times at 60 degrees before using them on a newborn. Is this true and what about other items of clothing etc. I've washed everything once at 30 or 40 with a delicate non-bio - except for sheets and stuff which I've done at 60 - and assumed that would be fine. any thoughts?...

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Ceolas · 08/06/2007 09:39

Washing the nappies is only necessary for absorbency. You don't have to do clothes and sheets, etc.

NoviceKnitter · 08/06/2007 09:44

Aha! Thanks so much - now I understand. I'm not a slacking domestic goddess after all. Phew

OP posts:
NannyL · 09/06/2007 11:56

also u dont have wash nappies at ^)... you just have to get them wet 3 times so they absorb. (you dont even have to dry them in between)

NannyL · 09/06/2007 11:57

should have said 60 not ^)! lol

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