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Where can I buy a cheap border online?

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Nbg · 06/06/2007 12:41

For ds's bedroom. He's only 9 months though.

I saw a lovely one with stars on, on the Mamas and Papas site reduced to a £1 a roll but they've sold out unsuprisingly.

Just want something cheap to make do while we have the cash to decorate properly.

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MrsBadger · 06/06/2007 12:47

don't get a border as they're a bitch to get off when you redecorate - get some stickaraounds that you can easily peel off and reuse afterwards

Coolest are from Blik, more mianstream ones here and here

Nbg · 06/06/2007 12:51

Its just the last owners stuck a scooby doo one up and I took it off no probs but theres a real mess above the window and thats obviosuly why they put it up to start with.

I do like stick arounds though.

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Nbg · 06/06/2007 12:52

I love love love the Blik ones!

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Nbg · 06/06/2007 12:58

Hmmm as gorgeous as the Blik ones are, they are too expensive.

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GrumpyOldHorsewoman · 06/06/2007 13:00

You may regret it. Am currently cursing the barstewards who put a border around the middle of sitting room walls (with stripey wallpaper on bottom, patterned on top, naturally) as it means I have to either strip the lot or cover it with Polycell special thick undercoat before I can paint it a nice, neutral colour.
PLUS the ceiling is very heavily beamed. It's going to take me until christmas.

Nbg · 06/06/2007 13:08

Well the reason I dont mind is that eventually I will be taking the lot off.

But atm its a basic anyglipter painted pale blue but it has lining paper and woodchip underneath!

In the front room I stripped 5 layers of paper and 2 borders lol.

Hence why I want cheap as its only a stop gap but want to make the room look a bit nicer.

OP posts:
FluffyMummy123 · 06/06/2007 13:09

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger · 06/06/2007 13:11

but you would reuse the Blik ones in the new room - they peel off and restick (so long as on paint not wallpaper)

NuttyMuffins · 06/06/2007 13:15

Hmm i'd say don't have one too.
When we moved in here ds was 18mths old and we painted his room baby blue and put a car border up. He is now 4, and the baby blue is still fine, but he is so not a car person but taking it off will wreck the papepaint.

Did the same in dd's room, blummin disney proncess border which i hate.

Nbg · 06/06/2007 13:17

the m&p one was lovely though

ideally the lot will come off and it will be re plastered. but need the cash to do it

OP posts:
luczluutoo · 06/06/2007 13:22

Wow, the blik ones are cool.ta for link

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