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What can I use to clear my bathroom sink plug hole?

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bumperlicious · 05/06/2007 09:11

Don't really want to go out and buy some expensive chemical products so I was hoping someone might have a more traditional remedy. It's blocked by a white scum type thing (probably a build up of soap and hair euuuwww!). Tried pouring soda crystals and white wine vinegar but no help. Any other suggestions?

OP posts:
LilRedWG · 05/06/2007 09:15

Again according to Kim & Aggie,

"Once a month pour a keetleful of boiling water over a cupful of soda crystals down each of the plugholes. It will clear away grease and soap residue and leave drains running freely."

But, TBH, I think you may have to use the chemicals for the initial blast clean.

yaddayah · 05/06/2007 09:18

lentil weavers version is bicarb of soda and white vinegar then swoosh with hot water

IMHO its very nice and fizzy but if you're all gunked up its the proverbial chocolate teapot

non lentil - cilit shouty barry scott bang drain and wotsit

purplemonkeydishwasher · 05/06/2007 09:19

we got one that blasts air through it and that did the trick. it's called Power Plumber. all the crap came out through the bath plug hole (we forgot to block it off) it was revolting!!

tissy · 05/06/2007 09:21

this stuff is good, once you've unblocked the plug, you use a bit every week or so to keep it clear.

bumperlicious · 05/06/2007 09:33

Like I said, I've tried the soda and vinegar thing (probably not much different to the soda and boiling water) but to no avail, so looks like I might have to bit the bullet and get some chemical cleaner. Is there anything I can buy that isn't just a drain cleaner? more of a multi tasking product?

OP posts:
purplemonkeydishwasher · 05/06/2007 12:59

POWER PLUMBER! (no harsh chemicals. there;s a video with an annoying woman who shows you how it works)

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