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Am on a mission today

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NuttyMuffins · 04/06/2007 09:04

My house is a complete tip, so i'm making a start on sorting it out today.

Kids are still off school, but i'm looking after dd2's friend and her sister too so they are all happily playing and nicely occupied upstairs, so I am starting downstairs.

done : 1 load of washing, 2nd load in, breakfast stuff washed up, work tops cleaned and cleared.

to do : About 3 more loads of washing, get dry washing in, clean tops of kitchen cupboards. Tidy living room, clean living room, clean windows in living room and clean bathroom.

Right i'm off again.

OP posts:
LIZS · 04/06/2007 09:23

that reminds me - off to strip the bed !

munchie · 04/06/2007 09:29

I'll join you nutty. My house never seems to survive school holidays!!
done 3 loads of washing, beds changed, kitchen cleaned

to do 2 more loads washing, tidy and clean everywhere!!

Finish my coffee and I'll start again.

LIZS · 04/06/2007 09:42

Washing in , kitchen wiped over. Kids' bedroom have been trashed, sinks need bleaching !

fifisworld · 04/06/2007 09:42

Mind if i join???

Ive been bad so my house is a tip.
I have to do
Get washing out washer, put another load in, make beds, clean kitchen, tidy living room, start and get clothes sorted for holidays.

done - nothing yet

Madwelshwoman · 04/06/2007 09:42

Yep same here, always after school holidays or whenever dh has had a few days off from work. How is it that a 2 year old can understand the concept of a laundry basket but a grown man can't????? I've tried the 'if it's not in the basket it doesn't get washed' thing but I don't have the willpower!

LIZS · 04/06/2007 14:51

So far :
Washed bedding and put out on line to dry (debating if it is going to rain in which case I'll dash and fetch it in)
Unloaded /reloaded dishwasher
Wiped kitchen surfaces
Bleached sink
Tidied dd's room and sorted her cupboard/drawers
Made a mop cap for dd's school dressing up tomorrow
Been shopping and to PO
To do
Iron last week's washing (one basket and drying rack's worth) and put away
Sort out ds' sports kit for tomorrow (see ironing !)

LIZS · 04/06/2007 14:51

To do (continued)
Remake bed !

fifisworld · 04/06/2007 16:44

Well i didnt get very far
done - All my washing, packed some clothes and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom.

Still need to tidy living room, put clean bedding on bed,make tea put dry washing away
(( sighs..theres always tomorrow ))

kittypants · 04/06/2007 16:46

come and do mine!


LIZS · 04/06/2007 16:58

Ironing , except for dh's shirts
Remade bed
Washing still out and it rained while on the school run

Califrau · 04/06/2007 17:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NuttyMuffins · 04/06/2007 17:38

Right, i'm back.

In the end I .....

Cleaned kitchen, including cupboard tops
Cleaned all kitchen doors
Did 5 loads of washing
Did a small pile of ironing
Sorted mountain of underwear
Did lunch for me and 5 kids
Swept living/dinning room
Tidied and sorted out huge unit full of junk
Wiped over tv, computer etc
Cleaned all downstairs windows
Swept hall floor
Sorted shoe box
Did 3 lots of wasing up and putting away

Didn't get round to the bathroom, but can give that a wipe over when kids are in the bath later.

A well done in my book I think , and all of yours too.

OP posts:
LIZS · 04/06/2007 18:14

Excellent Nutty

Bedding now in dryer/on rack, other washing sorted, ds' sports bag packed.

Suppose I'd better do dinner ....

NuttyMuffins · 06/06/2007 11:11

On another mission today.

So far have done 2 loads of washing, small pile of ironing, washed up and filled charity bag with outgrown clothes.

Just having a tea break and then off again for a general tidy up down here.

OP posts:
fifisworld · 06/06/2007 13:23

I was supposed to be on a mission today as well nutty, but it hasnt happened so far.
I cant motivate myself. I keep getting up and doing bits then sitting back down again.
But i need to -
Do load of washing, tidy living room, tidy our bedroom, hoover.
Done - bathroom and kitchen

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