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tescos own washing powder.

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munz · 02/06/2007 14:34

anyone know if it's any good at all? - the non bio stuff.


OP posts:
kslatts · 02/06/2007 15:06

Tesco's washing powder bought my dd out in a rash (even the non-bio) so I now avoid it, but it cleaned as well as the other brands I've used.

purplepants · 02/06/2007 15:07

just started using the Tesco Naturals range (including washing liquid - much cheaper than ecover) and have been pretty impressed so far. It's all quite strongly scented but the washing up liquid is much kinder on my hands.

ludaloo · 02/06/2007 15:08

I was just about to say that! My dd has sensitive skin and I have to be careful with washing powders. tesco non bio still made her itch (but it did clean ok)

allieBongo · 02/06/2007 15:09

oh shit, i have just bought this as i cannot afford fairy. for dd and her eczema etc

munz · 02/06/2007 15:10

oh no don't say that, J has excema (sp) not bad or anything just patches of dry skin really, might go to the naturals range then - was hoping it would be ok - will have to see how it goes - glad it washes as well thou

thansk thou.

OP posts:
munz · 02/06/2007 15:10

that's it allie - well I was after the persil really but thought i'd try the cheaper option

OP posts:
allieBongo · 02/06/2007 15:12

it's over £2 a box cheaper. obviously because it sucks

ludaloo · 02/06/2007 15:23

If its any help...Morrisons non bio is fine on DD's skin and it is much cheaper.

luciemule · 02/06/2007 15:30

After not having much luck with eco balls on whites, am trialing Tesco Naturals washing powder which I am quite impressed with so far.

bewilderbeast · 02/06/2007 15:36

i use the tesco's natural non bio liquid, i quite like it and it smells better than ecover

allieBongo · 02/06/2007 15:37

bugger, my nearest morrisons is 45 miles away

pucca · 02/06/2007 15:42

Yep my dd ended up with temp eczema after using this stuff, she needed hydrocortisone cream etc, was awful!

I now use daz, which is fine.

runnyhabbit · 02/06/2007 15:43

We use it, and find its just as good as the others.

And ds1 has eczema - and it hasn't made him any worse

Hideehi · 02/06/2007 21:38

I find giving clothes an extra rinse after washing the clothes means i can get away with using cheaper non bio.

munz · 03/06/2007 16:11

thanks for the info guys, have used it today - i'm assuming it will be ok to use the one tablet only? (I like to only have 1) anyhow will put the newly washed clothes on J tomorrow to see how we go. fingers crossed it's all ok.

what's the tesco's naturals all about?

OP posts:
Madwelshwoman · 04/06/2007 09:36

Tesco Naturals are their owwn brand environmentally friendly cleaning products, they're slightly cheaper than Ecover and I love them. I use the bio washing powder the fabric con, non bio liquid, stain remover and washing up liquid and their great. In my Tesco they're not mixed in with the rest of the laundry/cleaning products they're in a small section of their own with Ecover at the end of the laundry aisle. Well worth a go I say

purplepants · 04/06/2007 17:25

if your LO has sensitive skin the liquid's probably a safer bet (apparently the powders never quite dissolve completly & bits can get caught in the fibres and irritate the skin) HTH

FioFio · 04/06/2007 17:26

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