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Which would you do in dc's room?

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DSMEZ · 01/06/2007 08:32

Trying to redo dc's room. We have a fireplace that has been closed up. I thought of opening up as just an empty hole and putting dd's dollhouse in it. OR, we could build a toy box / bench that runs the front of the fireplace and put dollhouse on top and more junk underneath. What do you think?

OP posts:
Flame · 01/06/2007 08:41

I quite like the empty hole plan

DSMEZ · 01/06/2007 08:42

The toybox would be closed with a hinged top. DH likes this idea bc its a bit cheaper and not so messy...Still like the open hole better?

OP posts:
elasticbandstand · 01/06/2007 08:45

would the wind whistle down the fireplace?>
or birds fall down!

FioFio · 01/06/2007 08:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

DSMEZ · 01/06/2007 08:50

The toybox would be built in front of the now closed fireplace. I have seen fireplaces that are sort of those empty holes for decorative purposes and not in use. I wouldn't open the whole thing.

OP posts:
FioFio · 01/06/2007 08:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Flame · 01/06/2007 08:51

Birds fall down the fireplace?!!?!

I have never had odd creatures falling into mine.

DS does try to climb up it though so maybe that should be a consideration

numptysmummy · 01/06/2007 08:51

Surely you can open it up and just blank the chimney off? We have in ds bedroom - they use it for all sorts of games.

FioFio · 01/06/2007 08:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

DSMEZ · 01/06/2007 08:54

Fio--are you serious? Birds have flown down your fireplace. Bloody pigeons???

OP posts:
Flame · 01/06/2007 08:55

Maybe DS eats em before we see

FioFio · 01/06/2007 08:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

DSMEZ · 01/06/2007 09:01

numpty--was it difficult to open up the fireplace?

OP posts:
numptysmummy · 01/06/2007 09:05

Depends on the size really - this 1 was just bricked and filled in with rubble and plastered over so fairly easy but 1 at old hse was a huge one wityh bread oven and dh needed a hammer drill to get through cos it was closed off with concrete blocks. Worth it tho. Blanked off the chimneys so now draft/birds!

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