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alternatives to wet wipes?

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BrummieOnTheRun · 01/06/2007 08:17


with 2 babies under 18mos, I'm getting through hundreds of wet wipes! There are great deals on them these days, but I'm sick of having them permanently on my shopping list. And it seems so wasteful! Fistfuls of these things every nappy change...

Are there any not-too-time-consuming alternatives. Cotton wool and water isn't going to cut it for DS.


OP posts:
luciemule · 01/06/2007 08:26

Someone mentioned flannels the other day and Kiddicare does great flannels/muslin squares really cheaply. Also Ikea do a pack for a couple of quid of white flannels that I used for everything and they washed really well.
Also, you can buy organice washable fleece pieces (good dipped in cold cammomile tea for new borns if you can be bothered) but dipped in just water and squeezed out are a 'green' alternative to wipes.Check out some organic baby websites for the fleece. It's quite popular I think.

Speccy · 01/06/2007 08:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NormaStanleyFletcher · 01/06/2007 08:29

I bought a big fleece blanket at ikea for under £2 and cut it up. Every day or two I just get some water and baby wash with a bit of oil thrown in and soak a load of them and use them as baby wipes (or I just wet them under the tap if I am honest). They get washed and re-used (I wash them in a mesh bag). has recipies for making up solutions to use with re-usable wipes.

BrummieOnTheRun · 01/06/2007 08:51

So basically just some form of soft cloth kept in a container and treated as a real nappy. I guess they don't take up much space in a wash, and a cloth will be more effective at cleaning.

Thanks everyone. Will check out the nappy lady site too.

Speccy, I won't going into any more detail in case anyone's still chomping on breakfast, but DS REALLY likes weetabix! Trying to get wet weetabix off skin with cotton wool and water just doesn't seem to work because of the texture.

OP posts:
Pixiefish · 01/06/2007 09:01

i bought a load of flannels in tesco for 25p each and just use these.

luciemule · 01/06/2007 09:04

for the weetabix nappies - just add some baby oil too and try that - it should come off more easily.
ps - on the site, which site do you click on for the wash to use for the fleece? There were lots of sites listed under her site?

BrummieOnTheRun · 01/06/2007 09:15

pixiefish, it's my bleedin' tesco boycott that's made the wipes & nappy thing such a pain in the ass!

OP posts:
BrummieOnTheRun · 01/06/2007 09:29

that could be read as being a bit holier than thou! sorry, wasn't meant to be, was momentary exasperation at shopping logistical issues!

OP posts:
NormaStanleyFletcher · 01/06/2007 10:07

Thenappylady's page about washing bottoms is here

Pixiefish · 01/06/2007 14:17

Forgot Brummie!!!!


Any other cheap flannel would do the same job. Have you a ponden mill or somewhere near you?

Fleece I found was a bit pants at cleaning poo, a bit too slippy iykwim.

Failing that have you any old towels that you can cut up to flannel size

Pannacotta · 02/06/2007 15:27

Nappylady sells flannel squares just for this purpose!

tomisted · 16/11/2019 19:35

Have Johnson & Johnson discontinued their 'Johnson's Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes' in the pink packaging? Can't find them anywhere except Amazon for a now extortionate price

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