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2 questions for all you gods of cleaning!

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PinkChick · 30/05/2007 09:16

mum is moving to new apartment tomorrow, its only 2yr old but fancy brushed alluminium type hob(with raised ceramic hot plates) is disgusting, all orangey burned on food may be the young guy who had it never even sprayed a bit of flash in its direction, but am off to blitz the place tonight but i didnt want to scratch or mark it if not needed...any suggestions????

other prob, he was a smoker, mainly in the bedroom where his puter was. Landlords have painted entire apartment but carpets are still there(we will be getting them cleaned)so what is the most effective mthod for removing the smell?..thankyou in advance!

OP posts:
PinkChick · 30/05/2007 11:44

anyone?...i need to go and buy the wonder stuff in about ten mins

OP posts:
Mindles · 30/05/2007 11:45

Eeep. Cillit Bang and s a soft cloth for the oven - Vanish carpet spray for the carpet??

Mindles · 30/05/2007 11:47

Hob, not oven. Actually vanish is probably not what you want. Maybe worth steam cleaning? Or just airing the room for a few days. We smoke in the flat when DS stays away, and just leave all the doors and windows open for a few hours before he gets back then the smell is gone.

Febreze would probably do the trick short-term though?

scatterbrain · 30/05/2007 11:49

febreze and open windows for the carpet

PinkChick · 30/05/2007 11:51

hmm, yes are quite small but will be keeping them open tonight and when move in vnish but its one carpet throughout so would be there forever.we are going to get it cleaned but wondered if something would make is smell better in meantime..does bi carb work the same way with smoky smells as it does with sick etc????
have neutrodol shake and vac type stuff, flash for woodwork and told mum to buy a couple of gel airfreshner type things to leave in overnight.
not looking forward to oven tho!inside is as bad as hob!

OP posts:
scatterbrain · 30/05/2007 11:54

For oven you need that stuff where you put the racks in a huge placcy bag - is it oven pride or oven magic ? Got mine in Tesco - it is fab - waer the gloves as it will burn your hands - spread it all over and leave it overnight - muck will just rinse off in morning - use a scrubber pad for tricky bits and it will be all shiny and lovely !

Also - put newspaper on floor as it does drip out - and be careful with worktops - I split the bag last time and some goo dripped oiut and has taken shine off my fake wood worktop !

It is blooming good stuff !

Neutradol shake and vac would work on the carpet too !

eidsvold · 30/05/2007 12:07

i would get the carpets professionally cleaned if your mum can - that will get rid of smell and you have to wonder if hob etc is that bad - what about the floors!!

second what others have said about febreze though.

here you can get things that look like a pencil rubber and it works with some cold water - great for cleaning off burnt on gunk - they do a kitchen one - see if I can find a link.


PinkChick · 30/05/2007 15:39

right! one do you 'dampen' the fumes from paint????flat has been glossed today and second coat going on in monr, mam has breathing probs, so what would reduce the fumes other than open windows???

OP posts:
scatterbrain · 30/05/2007 15:39

Hmmmm - isn't a cut onion supposed to work ? Or is it sliced bread ?

PinkChick · 30/05/2007 16:56

well my mam said slice an onion in half but i thought she was mad!, would that actually reduce the fumes tho?or just mask the smell?

OP posts:
eidsvold · 31/05/2007 07:26

i thought it was cut up onion in bowl of water to get rid of paint fumes. ?!?!?

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