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I Have 126,491 nectar points ........ADVISE ME!!!

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Otter · 29/05/2007 20:23

They are worth a wee bit now but how to spend them is another thing - i have no idea and they seem shit value

Who knows about these things??

OP posts:
gothicmama · 29/05/2007 20:24

check the nectar site and go for something youlike but would not spend money on or use them insainsbury against thecostof food shopping

tombley · 29/05/2007 20:26

What is that worth in real terms?
Is it £126,491 off your shopping in Sainbury's? Surely not!

Fauve · 29/05/2007 20:28

I have this problem with Nectar points - quite the opposite of the vast choice of things to spend Tesco Clubcard points on. For me, the best value would be to have a massage at a Cannons gym - but loads of my local Cannons are excluded very helpful. The value is certainly not 4x like the Clubcard points.

Otter · 29/05/2007 20:28

i dont know how it accrues but its all sainsburys shopping yes

OP posts:
NikkiBFG · 29/05/2007 20:33

I can't do links but type this in and you can see what to spend it all on...bathroom stuff for new bathroom perhaps???

LazyLine · 29/05/2007 20:34

Personally, I think that with Sainsbos points, it's best to spend on shopping as the return rate on deals is so pathetic. You have to spend £2,150 on shopping to get an Alton Towers adult ticket!

Otter · 29/05/2007 20:34

that is an idea nikki - can you?

OP posts:
Otter · 29/05/2007 20:35

yes would i get 600 of food for that?

OP posts:
NikkiBFG · 29/05/2007 20:36

Well there is a list of shops there so I'm sure one of them do bathroom stuff - even if its just really nice accessories, big fluffy towels and lots of candles for when you and DH/DP want some ahem...quiet time!

FrannyandZooey · 29/05/2007 20:37

Have you spent 126,491 quid at Sainsbos to get them?

Slubberdegullion · 29/05/2007 20:37

I always spend my nectar ponts in Argos. And ALWAYS on stuff for me (seeing as I'm the one gaining them by trawling round Sainsbury's every sodding week).

I save up my points and then splurge in Dec. Last year i got some lovely hair straighteners with all my points.

Otter · 29/05/2007 20:38

i am not sure franny - i have had the card 8-10 years

OP posts:
Milliways · 29/05/2007 20:51

I always save them & then get ALL the Christmas Food, Drink & some pressies (CD's, Videos, Books etc) for free in December.

We have a Sainsburys Visa Card so Double points on all Sainsburys Shopping & Petrol + Points on all other amounts spent with card.

Otter · 29/05/2007 20:55

yes i have a sainsbo visa card too - tried to bribe dp to buy me a chair i want with the old xmas shopping offer but he seemed unimpressed and srated wittering about sex

OP posts:
LazyLine · 30/05/2007 10:04

You get 2 nectar points per pound, so you haven't spent that much, just 60 odd grand!

DANCESwithnewlytannedlegs · 30/05/2007 10:07

STOP! Don't spend them in store! Apparently that is the least 'valuable' thing to do with them. Hang on I'm going to find the tightarse financial site that I read this on... they have the best advice on where to spend them.

DANCESwithnewlytannedlegs · 30/05/2007 10:19

Look here

PetronellaPinkPants · 30/05/2007 10:22

look you can get this

PinkMartini · 30/05/2007 10:27

what about this?

Otter · 03/06/2007 23:29

wow if only i had known sooner

OP posts:
Otter · 03/06/2007 23:52

ooohhh the hi fi i want is in argos!

OP posts:
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