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WISE ones!! Advice needed on bathroom ....what do you all think of......

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Otter · 29/05/2007 20:14

A bathroom with - well- a BATH in it!!

I was wondering about converting a room in my new house to a bathroom as the large family bathroom has been made into a shower room.

The thing is....the room is at the front of the house and the foul waste runs down the back - therefore it is very easy to plumb a bath ...fine to do bath and sink - but a bummer to put a loo as well

would you:-

  1. do just bath?
  2. do bath and sink?
  3. go whole hog and have loo put in and poo travelling across your house before it goes outside?

    the room is small like 9 or 10 by 6 ish? at a guess and has two doors - one to landing - one to bedroom

    thanking you all!
OP posts:
morningpaper · 29/05/2007 20:16

yes to loo

you might need a macerator on it

but I think you should go the whole hog

Katymac · 29/05/2007 20:17

I agree with MP

hippocampus · 29/05/2007 20:22

I would just do bath and reduce the temptation for desparate toddlers to interrupt 'mummy time'

lol at images of poo 'travelling across the house'

bewilderbeast · 29/05/2007 20:24

get a loo with a sanislim system and ban poos!

NikkiBFG · 29/05/2007 20:24

Are you likely to sell house in a few years time because a second bathroom with a loo would add value to it - espec if a big family where two loos are in demand....

You could always fit a loo and instruct family to only use for wees and to do poos in the other toilet!

Otter · 29/05/2007 20:27

the mashing up poo bit just makes me honk a bit!!!

i dont intennd to sell house - i have moved too much and in the last 3 years alone have given the tax man 60k in stamp

so its just about us......

there is another loo on top floor in bathroom...

OP posts:
NikkiBFG · 29/05/2007 20:29

Well in that case, I don't think you have any worries...turn it into a mummy haven....ban the kids and make sure the bath has a jacuzzi function!!!

Otter · 29/05/2007 21:00

anyone have a room with no loo and have feelings either way?

OP posts:
Katymac · 29/05/2007 21:05

Whenever I run a bath I need to pee

Whenever I spet in the bath I have to get out to pee

No loo = running accross the house in a mad panic

paulaplumpbottom · 29/05/2007 22:51

I would think a bathroom without a toilet odd but its your house you should have it your way

veruccasalt · 29/05/2007 23:01

I've seen houses where the bath is in a separate room from the toilet. That's fine but my cousin lives in a house where the loo is in a separate room from the hand basin - it's in with the bath for some odd reason. So you have to change rooms just to wash your hands .

Personally I'd go for a third loo with perhaps a macerator (and ban poos) with the bath unless you think that a loo will spoil the whole asesthic thing.

Otter · 29/05/2007 23:10

hmm generally seems to be in favour of poo soup- does that mean they can go down a normal - not foul waste

OP posts:
Otter · 30/05/2007 09:07

which is disappointing- 'wet rooms' dont have a loo

OP posts:
tissy · 30/05/2007 09:15

our wet room will have a loo!

We have had to dig a drain THROUGH our house to put our wet room/ loo in at the back of the house! Our architect said no to a macerator, as apparently they have a tendency to block.

Whether or not you have a loo in your new bathroom, I think depends on how many loos you already have. We only have 1 at the moment, and another was essential, even for our small family (whenever dh disappears to the bathroom with his newspaper, dd decides she needs a poo right now!). If you already have another loo, then go for the bath/ basin only, I'd say!

Otter · 30/05/2007 09:27

we have 3 already

OP posts:
EachPeachPearPlum · 30/05/2007 15:25

I think I'm a little bit strange in this, but if I had enough space I would love to have a bath in my bedroom. Is that something you would consider? Then you could either knock through to the little room or keep it as a spare room/playroom/study. Otherwise I think the general rule is one bathroom to every three bedrooms, so unless you have 9 bedrooms I would think 3 loos is enough.

LIZS · 30/05/2007 15:33

I'd say with a loo too. I think you can get a away more easily with a shower room without but not a bathroom. Unless you just go the whole hog of a central freestanding bath with claw feet and soft lights ultra decadent !

NineUnlikelyTales · 30/05/2007 16:40

Am I the only one who is imagining brand names for macerators? Like Chop A Dump or the Poo Chewer 2000?

Yes, I thought so.

NineUnlikelyTales · 30/05/2007 16:41

Sorry, normal service will now resume

Otter · 30/05/2007 16:44

lizs - yes that was the idea really a FUNKY bath freesanding in a room on its own

heated towel rail - mirror and chair - c'est tout

imho the loo would enourage dumping whilst i luxuriate...

i just cannot do the macerator i really cant - the ginding of the 'saniflo' in my beautiful house would grate

OP posts:
Madwelshwoman · 30/05/2007 17:48

What about the 'Turdinator'? Sounds like a good name for a macerator to me

NineUnlikelyTales · 30/05/2007 19:58

I'm liking it

Otter · 03/06/2007 23:31


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