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Quick poll, decorating question

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MuffinMclay · 28/05/2007 14:02

Going to paint 2 walls in the kitchen. One has a few holes where the plaster has crumbled and where I've taken out some screws. Should I fill the holes with filler stuff or put lining paper over the whole wall? Which looks better (or least bad)?

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domesticgrumpess · 28/05/2007 14:35

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hana · 28/05/2007 14:36

you should fill in the holes first, would be a better job

nickytwotimes · 28/05/2007 14:37

agree with the other two. give it a good old sand afterwards.

BikeBug · 28/05/2007 14:37

The holes will need filling and sanding down even if you use lining paper, or they will show, even with the heavy grade paper (voice of experience and cheapo decorators...)

MuffinMclay · 28/05/2007 14:51

Have filled the holes, but trying to decide whether to paper over too. The lining paper might draw attention to the imperfections of the wall, rather than hide them.

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NomDePlume · 28/05/2007 14:54

filler and then sand it back. if the walls are otherwise good I wouldn't bother with lining paper.

MuffinMclay · 28/05/2007 15:58

Think you're right. I can always put a strategically placed picture over the patch at eye level.

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