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I tried out a hugely expensive steam ironing system...

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Idreamofdaleks · 26/05/2007 18:43

whilst on hols at my multi millionaire auntie's villa in Spain I tried out a hugely expensive steam ironing system...

I had always wondered if these were worth the money and I tried one out last week

Verdict - crapper than my cheap iron! Don't waste your money! I thought it would iron both sides of a duvet cover at once but it didn't, and the general finish of the ironing was worse than for my ordinary iron

I think these are rip off central

OP posts:
pesme · 26/05/2007 18:53

mil has one which she was showing off to me, i grinned inanely and desperately tried to think of something to say and failed.

SlightlyMadShovel · 26/05/2007 18:58

My exensive steam ironing system is my MILS ironing business!!!

She has loverly employees that constitute my fab steam ironing system!!!

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