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So, after months of vacuum cleaner disappointment and frustration, my new Henry has arrived

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pageturner · 23/05/2007 14:00

Is Henry going to make me happy?

OP posts:
pageturner · 23/05/2007 14:05

Hard floors (kitchen and hall) - good.

OP posts:
JoolsToo · 23/05/2007 14:07

ah! I got a Miele - great on my stone floor

Tutter · 23/05/2007 14:07

henry is great

fryalot · 23/05/2007 14:08

every pub in the world has a Henry.... so they must be good to deal with that amount of crap!

pageturner · 23/05/2007 14:13

Ah that's true! i've seen loads in pubs!

Time for the big one now - THE STAIRS!

OP posts:
fryalot · 23/05/2007 14:21

when you've done those stairs, can you get me a pint of lager and a bag of nuts, please, love?

pageturner · 23/05/2007 14:22

Stairs good, though a bit awkward, stopping it from falling to its death at the bottom. But worth it for the results. very good.

Right. That's enough of housework.

I thank you for your attention!

OP posts:
pageturner · 23/05/2007 14:23

'Ere you go darlin' Tha'll be £2.90.

OP posts:
oggsfrog · 23/05/2007 14:23

I'm on my second Henry and wouldn't be withiout him.

The first lasted over 10 years and through a house renovation with dh using him to hoover up the rubble

Also had to inform him (dh not Henry) that he (Henry not dh) was not to be used for hoovering up liquids, after I went to empty the bag and found a soggy mess.

fryalot · 23/05/2007 14:23
fryalot · 23/05/2007 14:23

(also good for pulling small children around on.... so I believe, have never done it myself)

Egg · 23/05/2007 14:27

Henry's are super long lasting. My mum has had hers for about a gazillion years and he's still going strong AND he's always smiling!

pageturner · 23/05/2007 14:31

Glad to hear happy Henry stories oggs. The number of hours of misery I've had with substandard vacuums lately.

In fact, in the interests of consumer protection, can I just recommend to anyone wanting to purchase a new vacuum cleaner NOT to buy this one (think it was this one though we paid more!
this one

Crap. Waste of time and effort. Don't bother. Get a Henry!

OP posts:
pageturner · 23/05/2007 14:32
OP posts:
Cappuccino · 23/05/2007 14:36

henry has fallen down my stairs a lot and lived

bit like dd2

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