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Carpet sweepers?

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squidette · 22/05/2007 13:25

In my quest for living simply, there are quite a few things that i love doing without. But i seem to have a very unhealthy relationship with my hoover. I 'use' it to waste time, procrastinate, feeeeeel like i am doing something, but most of all its on its last legs.

Due to my Compact not to buy 'new' products for 12 months, i am going to be having to get a second-hand replacement soon, but it got me thinking about maybe looking for an old carpet-sweeper instead. I really like this idea for a number of reasons, but the image of carpet-sweeping with rollers peeking out from my headscarf is dominating my thoughts!

Does anyone love their ewbank enough to recommend it?

OP posts:
Lio · 22/05/2007 13:27

I had a bissell, which was great until the handle broke BUT IMO you can't make do with just a carpet sweeper - the vacuum cleaner is for more thorough cleaning, and the sofa cushions and under the sofa cushions, and the kitchen floor i.e. it does more than the carpet sweeper can.

southeastastra · 22/05/2007 13:28

i really love my old ewbank, my mum got it for me when i first moved in with dp 18 years ago and it's still brilliant

squidette · 22/05/2007 13:39

I have just seen a ewbank on ebay for a pound (minus pandp). Think that swings it!

Lio, i hear you on the 'deep' cleaning thing, but i have dustpan and brush for the kitchen and i dont hoover the sofa (should i?!)

I was given an old push mower a couple of weeks ago and it has awakened excitement about using my own energy again and 'sacrificing' some of the ultra-neatness/cleaness/perfectness behind the thinking of some of these products.

soe - your recommendation is great 18 years sounds just what i am after!

OP posts:
Madwelshwoman · 22/05/2007 13:47

I luurve my push mower!! Means I can do the lawn without having kids locked away and practically sod all can go wrong with it unlike my neighbour's mower which is always on the blink

southeastastra · 22/05/2007 13:52

it does pick up a surprising amount of dust and the children love to use it too

Kathyis6incheshigh · 22/05/2007 13:55

So great for when the toddler eats a biscuit over a recently hoovered floor.

Also for removing slug trails

Lio · 22/05/2007 15:51

If ever I have to look for the remote control I discover a mountain of crud under the sofa cushions

Lorina · 22/05/2007 16:50

Carpet sweepers are marvellous for picking up hair ,human or animal.

Also very good for a quiet clean round when babies are asleep.

I think you also still need a proper hoover for the big clean.

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