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Anyone got a tumble dryer and a condensing kit?

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petunia · 15/05/2007 11:46

I'm sort of doing some research here. My washer/dryer gave up the ghost a few weeks ago. We've got a washing machine now but thinking of getting a tumble dryer in the Autumn to go in the garage. But I've noticed that condenser dryers are a bit more expensive than vented ones but that you can get condenser kits for £20 or so. Are they any good or is it better to pay the extra and get a condenser dryer?

OP posts:
Dropside · 15/05/2007 11:47

vented are much better if you can have a hole in the wall to vent them

more efficient and less to go wrong

wurlywurly · 15/05/2007 11:47

I have an ordinary one with condenser kit

petunia · 15/05/2007 19:26

Thanks for your responses. Anyone else with a condenser kit?

OP posts:
sniff · 15/05/2007 19:28

I did have one but it went wrong and i got one with a condenser in

I think the condenser one dries faster but it could just be a better drier

sparklygirl · 15/05/2007 21:28

I too am getting a condenser kit.

Madwelshwoman · 16/05/2007 12:20

Yes but do the condenser kits actually work? My mum had one and she thought it was rubbish and I bought one a couple of years ago, you had to fill it up with ice and I ended up binning it so ever since I've had to sling the hose out of the window (not attractive) so thinking of getting one again, they're only about £6 on ebay but don't want to waste my money

petunia · 16/05/2007 14:09

Madwelshwoman- that's what I'd like to know too! Didn't realise you might have to do something to them e.g fill them with ice, like you needed too. I don't want to waste money either, especially with the dryer possibly have to go in the garage and not being able to do things like leave the garage door open to vent it (DH's record collection's in there!) if it all goes wrong, like several kits seem to have done. Might have a look at e-bay for them, just to see what there is.

OP posts:
notsogummyanymore · 16/05/2007 14:14

i've got a kit but it's a bit crap. It gets really steamy in the house so I only really use when I've got to get something dry and can't put it out on the line.

Chirpygirl · 16/05/2007 14:21

I have a condensor kit that sits next to mine, MIL bought it for me as a christmas present (oh yes!). I think it was £14.99 from betterware. It's great as I don't have anywhere to put a vent, but you have to rememebr to freeze the ice block things or you can't use it. And I can only use it for an hour a day before they melt, which is a bit of a pisser.

NoodleStroodle · 16/05/2007 14:22

Got a condensor one and had it for about 4 years and still lovely

Chirpygirl · 16/05/2007 14:22

Oh, it does make the kitchen smell of tumble dryer but no steam or anything...

notsogummyanymore · 16/05/2007 14:25

ooh mine doesn't have ice blocks! maybe i should put one in the box and see if that helps? we just have to put a couple of inches of cold water in ours.

Chirpygirl · 16/05/2007 14:29

Cold water? That's not fair! I have to fill these tray things with water and freeze it overnight, which means leaving a scpae in my freezer...I might try it with cold water and see if it works!

Chirpygirl · 16/05/2007 14:30

Aah, just read your earlier post, that's exactly what happens when the water has defrosted so I would try putting ice in it...

notsogummyanymore · 16/05/2007 14:32

gonna do it right now, it's peeing down outside!

23balloons · 16/05/2007 14:35

Bought one the other week. It is absoulute RUBBISH makes no difference at all to not having the kit IMO, mine too has to be filled with ice but in order to use the drier also have to have the door wide open. Complete waste of money. Buy the proper condenser drier if you possibly can.

petunia · 16/05/2007 16:43

These condenser kits sound a bit hit and miss, so might "push the boat out" and save up for a condenser dryer!
Thanks for all your messages.

OP posts:
SleeplessInTheStaceym11House · 16/05/2007 17:20

my friend had a condenser kit that was a bit erm....crap...but my condenser tumble is great and only cost about £250 from argos!

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