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Tuesday Fly

52 replies

Aufish · 15/05/2007 06:55

Good morning everybody, will leave the wink to whoever gets there first! Will be back after the school run. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

OP posts:
ludaloo · 15/05/2007 07:13


ludaloo · 15/05/2007 07:22

Morning Aufish

Morning All

I re-read yesterdays thread but I've forgotten most of it now!!

Tort glad you had a good day swimming, and I hope your w/m part gets here today
BB New fire sounds great, but the mess sounds like a mare!!! Hope it all settles down a bit. (I would have said "vacced" was perfectly ok )
EHM My nails are bizarre! They actually ache this morning a bit Lol...I'm such a wimp!!!!!!!

Right, I had better get on with the morning cerfuffle. Will catch you all in a bit

Jelley · 15/05/2007 07:36

Morning aufish and ludaloo

glitterfairy · 15/05/2007 07:37

Morning aufish and ludaloo. Working hard this week so not going to get much flying done and then have job applications to write and a presentation for tomorrow to do. The house is getting chaotic again and this may be due to ds having cooked breakfasts pre SATs!

glassslipper · 15/05/2007 07:47


Aufish - here is my wink

I'm almost on top of things. morning routine underway. Out later but have checked the mission and I did both the other day

Have a good day all.

shouldbe · 15/05/2007 08:15

Morning Aufish Luda, Jelley, glitter and glassslipper

Have LOADS to do today so will be back after the school run with a list

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House · 15/05/2007 08:37

morning everyone right anyone got any ideas how to get blood out of a sky blue sheet?? dd woke up with a nosebleed this morning! oh and how to get antibiotics out of carpet/off my wall.....dont even ask!!! [exasperated emoticon}

right to do:

wash bathroom mats and welcome mat from front door
washing up
s+s bathroom
shine sink
s+s bathroom
tidy dds room

but first must go feed my poor little munchkin hes sat in his activity centre whinging for food!

bewilderbeast · 15/05/2007 08:44

sleepless, soak it in a sink of cold water then put some vanish on the stain and chuck it in the wash.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House · 15/05/2007 08:52

hmmm...........can soak but no vanish....any other ideas?

glassslipper · 15/05/2007 09:10


ludaloo · 15/05/2007 09:16

stacey Kim and Aggie suggest lemon juice for removing bloodstains...
Anthea says.."On washable fabrics rinse quickly in cold water then soak in strongly salted water for a few hours before washing as normal."

Hope they help?

No idea about the antibiotics though!

shouldbe · 15/05/2007 09:21

OK... I'm tired and grumpy already today! This rain is really getting me down now...
I'm fed up with the state of the house, it's awful, hasn't been this bad for ages and it's really getting me down. I MUST get on with clearing up - not just cleaning but actually getting rid of some of the junk that seems to have built up lately. Paperwork is a big issue, I avoid it at every opportunity and feel helpless about it...I start with good intentions but it all gets too much and ends up being shoved out of sight somewhere.
Think I'll leave a list and just get on - start with cleaning up upstairs, making the beds etc and move downstairs then hope for some time to start clearing out more later/tomorrow.
Sorry, rant over
Have a good day everyone

ludaloo · 15/05/2007 09:22

Ok...just a small list today as I didn't do too bad yesterday...

~W/M load on
~T/D load on
~Bank a cheque
~Make tonights supper
~Make a LDC

See you all in a bit xx

ludaloo · 15/05/2007 09:27

shouldbe Hugs to you!!! I know exactly how you feel so you have my sympathy. Hopefully if you manage to get a fair bit done today it will make you feel a lot better. Re the paperwork....again I feel your pain!! Best policy is to just get stuck a bit at a time and don't get bogged down rearranging everything...just sort it and file it away. Good luck I plan to try downloading MSN again today, so might catch you on there in a bit xxxxx

yaddayah · 15/05/2007 09:52

Aww shouldbe Hope you have a better day today.. tackle an easy thing first so you can at least see some progress

Weather is pee'ing me off as well, we're meant to be going to legoland ( at how expensive it is) this weekend .. don't much fancy it in the rain .. but dc's are so excited about it

Waves to everyone

Want to sort out the spare room/study today its getting to be a dumping ground again

grouchyoscar · 15/05/2007 10:07

Morning ALL

I've rung up to cancel having GCH installed. It seems a lot of disruption and a hiding to nothing TBH, just add extra jumpers.


Patch is happily asleep in his terrarium. I think s/he is being killed with kindness. S/he got one of DS's homegrown lettuce leaves yesterday. I will leave our mollusc in peace today.

Up and washed and dressed
DS uniform laid out
Make our bed, draw curtains
Make DS's bed and draw curtains
S&S Loo
S&S bathroom
Load wm
Soak DH's huge t-shirts
Organise washing for TD
Load TD and run
Sort wet laundry for hanging up
Tidy DS toys away.

To do

Vac downstairs
make lunch
Collect DS
entertain him
Make DS's tea
Get him to bed

Hope all are well today. I hope the sun shines soon

grouchyoscar · 15/05/2007 10:09

oh and to Shouldbe I know what you mean.

Olivebranch · 15/05/2007 10:12

Good Morning Everyone

Just doing the basics today as I need to do the ironing.

Have a good day

Aufish · 15/05/2007 10:18

Am now laughing at my silly mistake! I thought I had typed link but thanks for the wink! It is much appreciated. Just blubbing my eyes out as I'm watching Jeremy Kyle show in Kenya with the HIV kids. Our kids are so lucky and we should never complain about what we have and haven't got.

My to do list, once I've stopped blubbing:

Hoover and polish
Clean the bath, done the toilets and sinks before I went to school
W/M loaded and tumble dryer loaded
general tidy up
have some brekkie and coffee
clean the dining room table and sweep up underneath it.

Will be back in awhile.

OP posts:
Londonmamma · 15/05/2007 11:18

Morning all - yes I was wondering about the sink, Aufish - I thought it was some secret greeting!!!

Doing OK today.

To do:

  1. put away umbrella/cushions (better late than never, with all this rain!)
  2. meal planning
  3. ocado order
  4. sort out recycling
Londonmamma · 15/05/2007 11:19

What's wrong with us, today? wink, sink, link!!!

shouldbe · 15/05/2007 11:20

Sooooo....started with the room furthest away and finally got around to tackling dds wardrobe. It's such a relief to have got it done and her room looks so much better now the wardrobe doors shut properly She doesn't have as many clothes as I thought, they were just folded badly and took up too much space! There's a bag of bits for the charity shop too
Need to move on to my bedroom next which isn't too bad but there are a couple of piles of clothes on the floor that need attention....then the bathroom, then downstairs...

Only have an hour left with no dcs so better get on - Back later x

shouldbe · 15/05/2007 12:29

I'm thread hogging today...
Starting to feel a little better but it's all been very slow progress....
Upstairs is looking miles better All the bedrooms are done except the spare room/dumping ground which will take a bit more time to sort so I'm saving that till later in the week.
Need to go and collect ds now so downstairs will have to be done with him helping ()after lunch...will put off the piles of papers until the rest of the house is looking OK - hope to get around to it by Thursday or Friday...

Jelley · 15/05/2007 12:34

Hi all

Sorry if I've missd anything. I've finally got my house back and can mn guilt -free. The place is a tip, and washing is building up, as I'm trying not to t/d everything so can only do 1 or 2 loads a day. I prepared tonights tea last night, and put it in the slow cooker, so that is one job done, at least.

Jelley · 15/05/2007 12:34

Hi all

Sorry if I've missd anything. I've finally got my house back and can mn guilt -free. The place is a tip, and washing is building up, as I'm trying not to t/d everything so can only do 1 or 2 loads a day. I prepared tonights tea last night, and put it in the slow cooker, so that is one job done, at least.

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