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It's very theraputic flinging things out

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saltire · 14/05/2007 19:21

I have just spent the past hour and a half clearing out the upstairs cupboard, in anticiapation of our move. The man from the removal company came today and I was embarrsed to show him the cupboard
I have a big box for the charity shop, a huge pile of magazines and paper in the recycling bin, a huge pile that has been shredded and also have filled three bin bags. All I need to do now is think what I'm going to do with the old PC monitor

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KaySamuels · 14/05/2007 20:44

I love having a good clear out too! Feel all virtuous afterwards! I'm not a hoarder tho anyway - dp often says 'have you seen xyz?' and I say no and try to look guilty as I will have thrown it out!

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