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Someone tried to steal my recycling!

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Madwelshwoman · 14/05/2007 11:03

After purchasing my recycling crates from Tesco Direct and being mighty proud of my efforts I took some down to the dump (lousy recycling scheme here) put my lovely crate on the floor to pick up the next one from the boot and some silly bint picked it up and walked off saying 'If you're going to dump this love then I'll have it'. I had to snatch it back off her and politely inform her that if I were going to dump it then why would I empty it in the first place and then leave it on the floor by my feet.

Some people

OP posts:
SparklyGothKat · 14/05/2007 11:05

what a cheek!!

warthog · 14/05/2007 12:38
JonesTheSteam · 14/05/2007 12:38


kookaburra · 14/05/2007 12:41

lol - now I've heard it all!!!

totaleclipse · 14/05/2007 12:44

Someone stole my clear binliner out of the garden once, they left all the empty bottles that were in it, there are some strange people out there.

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands · 14/05/2007 12:51

Every time we have a clear out and phone the council to collect large items, and then leave them outside in the specified place.. by the time the council arrive (no more than several hours later!) most of it has been half-inched!!

And we are talking broken and/or worn out stuff here!!

Blackduck · 14/05/2007 12:53

I had a bag full of leaves pinched once ..... but then I had used a charity bag and I suspect they thought it was full of clothes [Grin]

NannyL · 14/05/2007 16:37

my council have changed their policy for 1st april

should anybody steel our dustbins (the ones the council provide and the ONLY ones they will collect) we have to pay £25 per bin

ska · 14/05/2007 16:40

well my car got broken into and they caused £100 worth of damage and stole my BIN!!!! as dd said, they stole our mouldy banana skins ....

mumfor1standfinaltime · 14/05/2007 16:49

If it isn't bolted down, it will go.

At work we had a baby mobile stolen in the mother and baby changing room, it was stolen piece by piece in stages! We had to chain down the bin and the feeding chair too.

cece · 14/05/2007 16:57

When we moved house I gradually put all the stuff we wanted to get rid of out on the drive and most of it went.... Even a broken christams tree

peachygirl · 14/05/2007 17:00

A couple of yaers ago we had a new boiler fitted and in the time that it took the men to take the old boiler out, go back in the house and back out to the van again ( about 20 minutes) someone had taken the old boiler!
They were shocked but pleased as It meant the didn't have to pay the scrap metal fee

bilblio · 14/05/2007 17:14

When we moved house we had quite a bit of stuff which was decent but we didn't need. The council very kindly provide a skip to try to stop people fly tipping. Anything decent we put next to the skip. Everything went by the next day.

Now whenever we want to get rid of anything blokey says I should "put it in the road and let nature take its course." I don't I freecycle it instead.

Madwelshwoman - as my mum says, if you don't ask you don't get. Very cheeky of the woman to pick it up before asking though.

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