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Some worktop design/style questions!

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Tinkjon · 12/05/2007 14:47

I'm looking for a new worktop to go with our oak kitchen units. Firstly, do you think I'm right in saying that we really need to have a non-wood style worktop (whether real wood or laminate)? I'm concerned that it would just be too much wood otherwise - the kitchen is quite large so lots of wooden units and we'll have a wooden dining table in there as well.
Secondly, one wall of the kitchen has a Belfast sink, so we need to have a solid worktop there and I was thinking quartz might be the best bet - more low-maintenance and resistant than granite. But we can't afford that in the whole kitchen, and the rest will probably have to be laminate. Do you think it would look awful to have two different styles of worktop? The sink is on a completely different wall to the rest (not even joined at the corner) so we might be able to get away with it? And should I try to match the two styles eg. get a quartz worktop for the sink wall and a laminate in as close a pattern as we can get for the rest? Or maybe trying to match the two but not getting it exact would look worse than going for 2 completely different worktops.
And one last question - would you have your worktop colour match your floor tiles? My instinct says it doesn't matter, but then it seems like such a lot of colour otherwise - one colour for units, one for walls, one for worktop, another for floor... wouldn't that just be too busy?
Sorry for all the questions but going a bit worktop-choosing crazy here Thanks, everyone!

OP posts:
Rantum · 12/05/2007 14:52

Personally, I would use the same worktop throughout, or go for contrasting ones, but I wouldn't try and match quartz with laminate myself - I don't think it needs to match the floor tiles, but if it at least toned with it (so picked up the colour with one of the flecks for instance, or just complimented it).

Rantum · 12/05/2007 14:52

Look through some home improvement magazines for ideas maybe?

warthog · 14/05/2007 07:49

absolutely don't try to match the worktops. it shouts 'we couldn't afford the real stuff for the whole kitchen'. i would use the same worktop throughout. if it's wood, use a different colour wood (like a darker one), or use a laminate throughout.

i think floor tiles should blend with your colour scheme or be neutral. as long as your floor tiles, cabinets, worktop and wall tiles aren't too hideously clashing you should be fine!

noddyholder · 14/05/2007 07:56

I think you could use granite/quartz on the sink area if it is a self contained area as with the wooden cabinets beneath it will look like a freestanding unit.Then go for a completely different worktop on the rest don't try to match and putting wood with wood is risky unless you get it just right.A thick matt black decent quality laminate would look ok.What colour is the floor wall tiles etc Black tiles would look good on the floor I have those and a matching worktop and white units.I also have a deep recess sheved out like a larder and that has a piece of worktop in it with the fridge under.I haven't matched the worktop there and it is solid wood and looks fine.

warthog · 14/05/2007 08:21

well i think having two different worksurfaces would work as long as they are completely different. but using one that's really expensive, and one that's cheap i think is a problem. go for different worksurfaces that look the same in quality iyswim but if you have expensive granite with cheapo laminate i think it will look crap. you'll look at the laminate and think WHY???? but that's my blunt, probably offensive view not meant in an unkind way.

noddyholder · 14/05/2007 12:53

I agree warthog a cheaper one will scream cheap in this situation better to do the whole lot in a medium quality

Tinkjon · 14/05/2007 14:19

Thanks for your input, everyone! Some good ideas, there. Warthog, we have to have granite/quartz or wood on one of the walls, because you can't have laminate with butler sinks. But we can't afford granite for the whole kitchen as it's really big and we just don't have the cash! I would love to have it throughout though, I definitely agree that it looks so much nicer...

OP posts:
thehairybabysmum · 14/05/2007 14:32

Cheaper to get a new sink then?? You can get some nice ceramic, non belfast type ones as per here


I had one of these in my old kitchen and it was lovely, i think it cost £240...slots into any worktop same as a stainless steel sink would. Personally would go non-wood finish with wood cabinets. Neutral floor tiles ok i would say.

You could then have the matching worktop of your choice throughout the kitchen.

FWIW Howdens are the trade divsion of MFI so if yo like any of the MFI worktops you can get the same cheaper at Howdens...we had a granite effect one that was v nice and cost £100 per m at Howdens vs £300 per metre at MFI.

My uncle who is a plumber also said he would never have a belfast sink with worktop over as the amount of dirt that gets trapped under where you cant see over the years is disgusting.

Tinkjon · 14/05/2007 15:22

It's a done deal as the new sink is already in place. Besides, I'm being a total style-whore about it - the butler is not that practical but I just love the look so much and it's hte one thing I really wanted in my kitchen. It's the same as the washing machine I bought some years ago - the one thing I wanted the machine to do (hand-wash setting) it didn't do - but it was a pretty colour Good tip about Howdens, thanks!

OP posts:
thehairybabysmum · 14/05/2007 15:42

aah...didnt realise the sink was the main thing...enjoy it then...we have moved and i really miss my old sink (saddo) have a manky stainless steel one now and cant wait until we do the kitchen up so know how you feel!!

warthog · 14/05/2007 18:19

tinkjon, is there absolutely no way you could stretch to granite in the whole kitchen? everytime you walked in you'd love it and it would be worth it!

otherwise, what about stainless steel? or can you get a matching oak worksurface?

Tinkjon · 14/05/2007 19:09

Hi Warthog, no we really can't afford granite in the whole place - I don't actually want granite anyway, because of the staining issues. Wood also seems too high-maintenance. And we're going with the country/farmhouse look, so stainless steel wouldn't really go. I do'nt mean to knock back all your suggestions though, thanks for the thoughts! I don't have a problem with decent-quality laminate - my parents have had the same laminate worktop for about 20 years and there's not a single scratch on there!

OP posts:
warthog · 14/05/2007 22:08

fair enough. my only concern would be seeing the laminate with the real thing. perhaps quartz is the best bet.

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