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**************Friday fly*********************

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Aufish · 11/05/2007 07:01

Good morning everybody, am feeling awake today. Will be back in awhile after the school run. As usual have not done the link as I'm rubbish at them.

OP posts:
Jelley · 11/05/2007 07:13

But I'm a bit control freaky, and actually like doing them, \link[\here}.

Back after toddler group.

Jelley · 11/05/2007 07:13

But I'm a bit control freaky, and actually like doing them, \link[\here}.

Back after toddler group.

Jelley · 11/05/2007 07:14


glitterfairy · 11/05/2007 07:20

Morning jelley and aufish I am working today so may not get much done but have already sorted two loads of washing and am now doing lunch boxes.

shouldbe · 11/05/2007 07:37

Morning Aufish, glitter, Jelley and all

Sorry Jelley but your link bodge made me lol! I can be a bit of a control freak about thinks like that too - if only it spread into the rest of my life

No lunch boxes for me to make up today cos ds comes home for lunch, dd has a hot school dinner and dh is working somewhere where they'll feed him. I have s&s-ed the kitchen and dining table, emptied the dw and put some washing in the machine so have a head start on the day already
Better go and start banging about in the hope of rousing the kids - they had a late night last night so are still sound asleep and we now have less than an hour before school starts!
Back later.

ludaloo · 11/05/2007 07:39

Morning all

It has been a bit stressful in the ludaloo house hold the last couple of months. Dh and I have been having a few issues, mostly to do with work, money and time spent with the kids. It as all been a bit touch and go, but we have hopefully come to a new arrangement, which will make it easier for us all.
It means that I will be taking over the administration side of the business, which means we are going to set up an office in the house, and I can keep on top of all the paperwork and finances. I'm no business woman by any means and I'm a tad daunted, but wondered if any of you had any tips for having and running an office from home??????

I'm sorry I haven't had chance to read the threads lately....londonmamma I did catch a post where you said you were going to adopt....congratulations to you and yours...that's fab

Right have to get on and get kids dressed, catch you all in a bit (any tips would be gratefully recieved )

luda xxx

ludaloo · 11/05/2007 07:41

Morning shouldbe cross posts!

shouldbe · 11/05/2007 09:16

Hi Luda I hope you and dh find this new arrangement works out We have an office at home for dh and his (he does all of the office work - I only do proof reading/posting/errands to bank etc) main problem is finding the time to actually be in the office - largely down to self discipline, you have to try to be firm about having the time to work, it's so easy to find other things you'd rather do once you're at home. Dh regulary leaves office work till 10pm and does a couple of hours then before coming to bed at mid-night - not good in many ways but it does give us time together in the evenings. I really hope it all works out - good luck

I'm still having a bad week getting motivated...the house just never seems to get any better at the moment, all the work done over the past couple of days is undone again and I'm feeling fed up with it I think I'll leave my list and just get on - the list would be way too long!

See you later....

Aufish · 11/05/2007 09:35

Back from the school run, Jelley you can have the links with great pleasure!

Good morning to Glitter,Shouldbe and Luda

My done list:

Kids washed, dressed and at school
Lunch boxes
A bit of IRONING!!!!!!!!!
W/M and dryer loaded
Sink full of hot water and bleach
2 kids beds stripped, 2 to go!

My project for the day is the kitchen, going
to give it a good clean, like the missions for the week in just one day!

OP posts:
glassslipper · 11/05/2007 09:36

Morning all.

I have a shiny sink, have done a load of wshing, loaded d/w and dropped dd1 off to preschool. DD2 has just fallen asleep and i'm torn between having a tidy and having a rest...

EHM · 11/05/2007 09:52

Morning All

This is my 2nd post laptop jammed & the screen disappeared

aufish thank for the thread & jelley thank you for the link
GF enjoy work if you can.
shouldbe very impressed with your great start this morning.
luda good luck with your new role as administrator for you business. exciting but scary i bet.
glassslipper you are doing really well..have a rest.

SimplyS I do meal planning for Ellie on a white board in the kitchen. My neighbours & friends who don't have kids think I am a loon. I also records snack/naps ect. This info is also recorded in a beautiful harback book dh bought me before we started our last few attempts of IVF. I was planning on recording any funny stories will a view to writing a book about our journey once we had achieved our dream. Dream realised, no book written.

Right done so far.
post mn
2nd load in wm
td on
breakfast me & dd
call dh at regarding train into london
dw loaded & run
strip mine & dh's bed

To do:
wash dress me & dd
more washing
change cot sheets
take train into london around 1 with Ellie to meet dh
post thread on mn

Hope you all have a lovely day. Big snotty kisses from me & Elsnoto.x.

shouldbe · 11/05/2007 09:58

Morning Glasslipper and EHM

Well, I'm still sitting here....need to get motivated.....

glassslipper · 11/05/2007 09:59

I just made a cuppa. My 1st copy of Good Housekeeping arrived yesterday so I might go and read that

shouldbe · 11/05/2007 10:00


tortoise · 11/05/2007 10:22

Morning all.
I must change DCs bed sheets today. Will stick them on the ever increasing washing pile. No part for WM yet.

How do so many manage to MN before school runs?

shouldbe I hope you have gone now .

I am off to strip the dc's beds!

yaddayah · 11/05/2007 10:35

Bit late for my morning song but what the heck :

Oh, the duck says "Quack",
and the cow says "Moo",
the old red rooster says
The sheep says "Baa",
and the cat says "Meow",
but I say "Good Morning
when I see you!

ehm is Ellie an IVF baby ? I didn't know that .. awww

ludaloo sounds promising, no handy hints from me i'm afraid i can (barely) manage 2 kids and thats about it !

shouldbe i was like that last week too, sending you some motivation (or a virtual heat magazine and some chocolate )... know which one i'd prefer !

at jelleys control freak linkage

@ aufish ironing !

waves to glitter have a good day at work

glassslipper i've got the new closer magazine and the kettles on ...

Back with a semi done list later !

Londonmamma · 11/05/2007 10:52

Morning all. The one certaintly on Fly is that I'll never be the one to do the links!!
Luda - thanks for your good wishes. I have confidence that you will set up a great home office. Break it down into baby steps! Good luck with sorting everything out with DH.

I'm managing to keep things fairly orderly and am more on top of laundry than I've ever been.

I especially need Fly to kick me up the backside to do things that would otherwise keep getting transferred from one week's to-do list to the next!!

Next jobs:

  1. hang laundry, put dry away
  2. ironing
  3. call re. DS's poster being framed
  4. two letters
EHM · 11/05/2007 11:15

Morning tort hope part for wm arrives very soon. Can you use a neighbours washing wm in the meantime?
yadd Elsnoto is actually a little frostie we had a batch of embryos frozen 2 years ago this month. The 2 unfrozen embryos from that cylce, which where transfered only decided to implant & stay for a few days. Following which Ellie & several possible siblings where frozen. She was defrosted along with 2 other embryos Sept 05, transfered & then implanted. Finally arriving safe & sound May 06 She chitters quite a lot when she wakes, my mums says its because she was frozen
glassslipper glad you are taking a well deserve tea break.

Updated List

Right done so far.
post mn
3rd load in wm
td on
breakfast me & dd
call dh regarding train into london
dw loaded & run
strip mine & dh's bed
wash dress dd
change cot sheets
change sheets on mine & dh's bed
small amount of ironing

To do:
wash/dress me
more washing
take train into london around 1 with Ellie to meet dh
post thread on mn
s & s bathroom
empty dw
s & s kitchen
s & s downstairs loo

Big snotty kisses from me & Elsnoto.x.

shouldbe · 11/05/2007 11:50

Phew - finally got off here and MSN and have made some quite good progress
~hoover whole house done
~tidy all bedrooms done (although dds needs more work ideally - still haven't done her wardrobe)
~tidy downstairs done
~move train set done
~strip kids beds done (still need to make one up again though)
~wm on 2nd load
~find library books done
~remember to take library books to library must do

There are some more bits and pieces I'd like to do but if this ends up being it for the day then I'll be reasonably happy

yadda your songs make me

See you later

Aufish · 11/05/2007 12:06

Back for a well earned rest, the kitchen is almost finished, just need to wipe down the sides. Have also been to the post office to post some letters. Have just got to tidy the front room and tidy the conservatory and I'm done!

OP posts:
SimplySparkling · 11/05/2007 12:14

I've quickly read through the thread and have forgotten most of it already!

Lovely story EHM.

luda Perhaps we can e-mail about the office stuff. I don't know if I'd have any useful suggestions but I can try.

I've done lots but have had a quiet hour deleting things from watch on e-bay and adding new. The dog wants to be walked so I think I'll get changed and do that.

~ took ds to the docs and then to school
~ got his prescription in town
~ did a large food shop
~ got car tyres checked at Kwik Fit

To do:-
~ more e-mails
~ arrange the creation of Christening gift. I still need to decide what to put on it. I think I'll talk it over with the ceramics artist. She'll have some ideas, I'm sure.
~ write birthday cards and deliver them
~ put away stuff ironed last night
~ put away food shopping

Right. Off to do some stuff. See you all later.

tortoise · 11/05/2007 12:27

oh poo! Lost all my message! grrr.
Basically beds stripped and ended up completly tidying DS's room!

Need to buy 2 new sheets for DD's. I don't have enough now that DD2 is in a bed and can't get them washed and dried!

I will ask neighbour for help with washing if the part isn't here tomorrow.
EHM lovely story about Ellie.

yaddayah · 11/05/2007 12:51

ehm Write it all down !I'm sure Ellie when older will love to hear how much she was wanted and other people will find much comfort in a success story.. i've also just realised who elsnoto is .. thought it was a typo at first

shouldbe Gold star
tort my d/washer is broken at the mo .. i feel your pain !

Waves to everyone else

Kitchen tidy
dishes washed (by hand)
w/m on
toys cleared in living room
play date arranged for dd

need to
dust study
hoover bedroom
put clean clothes away (currently in airing cupboard)
brush stairs
clean toilets

want to
eat chocolate
hoover rest of upstairs
finish ironing pile

reckon i might be able to tick off one of my wants list .. care to bet which one ???

Back later (dudes)

ludaloo · 11/05/2007 13:29

EHM what a nice story she sounds like a very special little girl.

SS thanks , I'll drop you a mail

Well I have spent the morning rearranging the living room as that is where the computer and stuff is going to have to go. Its not ideal, but it'll do for now

I have decided I am going to have to do a big clean and sort out before the end of the month, which is when it all moves here. I'll be able to keep on top a bit better then I hope! I'll be madly FLYing now I think!!!

Well better get on! Soooooo much to think about and sort out!

Londonmamma · 11/05/2007 14:05

EHM - Ellie will love to see what you're doing for her. Tort - hope the WM gets sorted.

Hope everyone's having a good day. We've got a mother and her five baby fox cubs regularly coming into our back garden - I am loving watching them and chucking them scraps, which I probably shouldn't!

Next job - the one I would normally put off till the last minute:
Pack for me and boys to spend the night at my parents'

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