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Since yesterday myself and my Dd's have cleared a total of...................

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NuttyMuffins · 06/05/2007 17:40

6 large black bags of rubbish, old toys, etc, and 1 box of stuff to sell from each Dd's room , and Dd1's room is only a small room so

Both dd's were very good and grown up and didn't moan when I suggested that something was past it's best and needed chucking.

Their rooms now look lovely and clean and tidy, long may it last

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SherlockLGJ · 06/05/2007 17:41

Well done Nutty.

NuttyMuffins · 06/05/2007 18:03


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misdee · 06/05/2007 18:07

well done!!

today i have cleared the shelving in my hall of all the paper work rubbish etc and it was a full black bags worth

NuttyMuffins · 06/05/2007 18:09

I am always doing that with paperwork too Misdee, god knows where it all comes from.

Ds's room needs doing too, but I can't see him being so good at chucking stuff away so I will do it when he is at nursery.

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blossomsmine · 07/05/2007 23:59

This is embarrassing but i was decluttering my room for about 6 hours today, and it still isn't finished!! Got rid of countless black bags of 'stuff'. Feeling abit 'down' about not having finished it but this room has been getting me down for ages, i was almost scared to start decluttering it cos it was such a state, really i should feel glad that i have done as much as i have!! Tomorrows another day i suppose!

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