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Lidl fruit and veg - all ok or not for that price?

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multitasker · 03/05/2007 13:13

I was in Lidls this morning and picked up a few things. I was surprised at the fruit&veg section and how cheap it all was - does anyone buy all theirs there? or why would you not.

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hertsnessex · 03/05/2007 13:15

looks like it would go off as soon as you got it home - does nothing for me.

but i am abel and cole 'veggie boxer'!!


NannyL · 03/05/2007 18:42

it depends

sometimes things are fresh and SOOO yummy.... eg tomatoes

and other time they look vruised and not so nice

i think it depends on luck and what its like they day you go

frogs · 03/05/2007 18:48

I get their organic stuff, some of it, and the red onions. I don't go there often enough to do my regular fruit and veg shop there, but most of what I have bought has been reasonable. The children have just eaten a very nice Galia melon I bought on Monday, which seems to have lasted well. And the boxes of tangerines they do in the winter are v. good value. Bananas are good too, and the cherry tomatoes.

hecciesmum · 04/05/2007 11:13

potatos are good, as are mushrooms, strawbs in summer, blueberries, onions, carrots..only thing i find doesn't last is the broccoli which we ususally eat on the day i gbuy it now. Apples and oranges and bananas all fine too......

multitasker · 04/05/2007 18:09

Well I bought a load of it today and it all looks fine - will be interested to see if I can taste a difference with the organic carrots.
I have no excuse not to make fab fruit smoothies now - maybe a large scoop of ice-cream too

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