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Are ping pong balls in the loo a good idea?

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LynetteScavo · 28/04/2007 12:44

I want to encourage my DS's to wee into the loo, instead of splashing the seat, etc.
I thought of putting a ping pong ball into the water, but might it block the loo, or get poo in it???

Has any one tried it?

OP posts:
brimfull · 28/04/2007 12:45

it gets poo on it ime,I used scrunched up loo roll instead.
He still manages to wee everywhere though.

southeastastra · 28/04/2007 12:59

someone recommended a cheerio once.

Jomist · 28/04/2007 13:06

It won't matter what you do - they never get the aim right even when grown up . However, I have heard of this ping pong idea, but wondering whether when they wee on it will it make it move in the water encouraging them to wave their willy about to chase the ball

fedda · 28/04/2007 16:51

I used to put a little piece of a toilet tissue and say: 'Don't you make it yellow', we would both laugh and he'd produce his wee happily each time.

Skribble · 30/04/2007 00:29

LOL cheerio sounds like a good idea, they will float for a while then flush eventualy.

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