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Getting blue ink off a cream, what do I do?

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Wotz · 27/04/2007 11:38

Ok I shouldn't have a cream T-shirt - its a style thing...but how do I get blue ink off, without stretching or colour change?

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hana · 27/04/2007 11:39

try hairspray, it's pretty good with ink from pens

Wotz · 27/04/2007 11:42

thanks I have some somewhere in dds room from dressing up in a play.

Do you put it on before you wash it?

OP posts:
hana · 27/04/2007 11:43

yes, and then leave to soak for a bit with a bit of water too

Wotz · 27/04/2007 11:43


OP posts:
CoffeeCrazedMama · 27/04/2007 16:14

Would just like to add a vote for Stain Devils - they really are amazing. You buy different small bottles, numbered according to the particular stain and there is one for biro (and a different one for felt-tip, lol). The special one for blood was a god-send when dds 1 and 2 had terrible nosebleeds (for years...)

sparklygirl · 27/04/2007 22:03

Yes hairsprayis really good. Rinse under cold tap after hairspary. I would repeat a few times then wash as normal.

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