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Pushchair cleaning

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BeeMyBaby · 16/01/2018 15:24

I'm sorry if this is not the correct place but I thought it was a kind of upholstery...
I have an out n about pushchair and in the summer my son poured milk all over it, at the time dh sprayed it with water and got most of the milk out, however it started to reek of off milk, I didn't know what else to do so I scrubbed it down with vanish but it now smells of vanish and off milk. Please would you give me suggestions on how to get rid of the smell, preferably not just covering it up with loads of febreeze Confused

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FluffyDavis · 16/01/2018 16:01

Is there no way to get the covers off to put in the washing machine?
Alternatively I have stood a pushchair in the bath/shower before and used the shower head to give it a good rinse. I would also take a bucket of water with you with bio washing powder in it and a scrubbing brush.

HopeClearwater · 16/01/2018 20:41

Bicarbonate of soda solution - always treat milk spills with this straightaway. It might still help now.

BeeMyBaby · 17/01/2018 06:06

@HopeClearwater how do you make the bicarbonate solution?

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