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how do you store comics and magazines?

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mckenzie · 25/04/2007 13:59

MIL buys the children a comic every week and they would like to keep them (Match for DS and a CBeebies type one for DD) but if i just put them in a neat pile they obviously never stay neat

Any ideas please of what to keep them in or how to file them etc.


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ChippyMinton · 25/04/2007 14:01

in a basket or plastic crate on a shelf.
I find the upright magazine files are a a bit unweildy for the DC.

grouchyoscar · 25/04/2007 15:33

I agree with Chippy. We also keep things like that in a basket or a pretty cardboard storage box

yaddayah · 25/04/2007 17:48

ds has the bottom drawer in his desk where he keeps his.. hes always flicking through them so needs to be easy for him to get to (he's 5)

mckenzie · 25/04/2007 18:29

thanks for the replies.

I think we have a spare wicker basket with a lid on so will put DS's in that in his bedroom (something for him to read on those awful days when he wakes up at 6.15am like this morning!)

I'll have to try and get another one for DD's comics but hers will have to stay downstairs (she's only just 2 so not quite ready to be turning her own bedroom light on yet }

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