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Carpet cleaning help please.

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milkymill · 22/04/2007 21:41

I really need to get our grotty, stinky carpets cleaned! Ds is just starting to crawl and although we hired a Rug doctor machined and did them when we moved in 6 mths ago, they are still quite dirty feeling. Does anyone know if steam cleaning would be better (the ones you hire or can buy in Argos) Will this be more hygienic than the rug doctor method ( water and chemical) Any advice greatly appreciated.

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charlottegeorgiaolivermums · 22/04/2007 23:15

Used both always go for rug doc now as the streamer doesn't actually clean up marks etc but it does sterilize. My mum owns a large one so I can borrow it when ever needed as it cost over £300.00 but I still go for rug doc as it leaves my carpets looking clean. Must admit when we moved into new house carpets gross and it took me at east 10 goes before they even started to look clean the the water finally started to come back up light brown instead of the initial black and full of grit water we had the 1st 8 times or so.

milkymill · 23/04/2007 12:37

Thanks, i'm leaning towards the steamer atm because my mattress could do with a clean aswell. I found the rug doctor seemed to bring out the 'doggy' smell from previous owners.

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