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What colour carpet?

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zephyrcat · 20/04/2007 19:58

Need to carpet the front room, hall and stairs. Lounge is a fair size and bright but hall and stairs smallish. What colour do we get - bearing in mind we have a 5yo, an almost 3yo, a 1yo and a newborn on the way!

I'm thinking not cram because they will inevitable be sick, wee, poo, draw on it at some point but can't imagine anything dark... what works?

OP posts:
zephyrcat · 20/04/2007 19:58

cram? That would be cream

OP posts:
Beauregard · 20/04/2007 20:02

'an almost 3yo,a 1yo and a newborn on the way'
And you want to carpet the lounge?
I would laminate the lounge and carpet the stairs and landing ,anyway i'll shut up.
Beige with a very subtle pattern?
Or coir matting type colour/texture?

zephyrcat · 20/04/2007 20:05

we've got laminate now and I hate it! It's a dream to clean but they are forever slipping over and with dd2 just about walking it's awful if she falls and bumps her head (not that it's often but when she does..ouch!)

OP posts:
Beauregard · 20/04/2007 20:13

Put lots of rug's down?

NuttyMuffins · 20/04/2007 20:16

Green ??

southeastastra · 20/04/2007 20:16

beige and shampoo it alot

zephyrcat · 20/04/2007 20:22

Does everyone have laminate these days then? I haven't had carpet for so long I don't even know what kind of carpet is 'in'!!!

Have def had enough of naff laminate though

OP posts:
hana · 20/04/2007 20:32

can you sand back your floorboards? I'd go against carpet, so dirty, why not get some nice rugs to go on top instead?

southeastastra · 20/04/2007 20:39

get a carpet i love them so warm and cosy and keeps noise down

nappyaddict · 20/04/2007 20:42

how about a goldy colour? not as light as cream but still not too overpowering?

KristinaM · 20/04/2007 20:45

We also have 3 young kids. We got cream carpets upstairs 4 years ago, as i thought wood in the bedrooms would be too cold. It looks TERRIBLE now, even in our own bedroom . TBH it has looked this bad for at least 2 years!

The kids' rooms all have stains on them that I cant get out. Felt pen, make up, metanium, puke, unidentifiable foods etc. I've even had them cleaned and they dont look any better . The one in our room just looks grubby. I dont let the kids eat upstairs and they wear slippers. But doesn't seem to have made any difference

zephyrcat · 20/04/2007 21:10

There are floorboards in all the bedrooms which look good enough to need a quick sand over and paint varnish chuck a rug down, but downstairs is hard tiled floor with nothing on it (place we're moving to).

I do miss carpet but I'm thinking I've forgotten how much of a nightmare it might be!

OP posts:
cleaninglady · 20/04/2007 21:26

maybe try a proper wood floor or the top quality wood/laminate mixes ? there are some really nice ones nowadays! otherwise a beige with flecks in to disguise dirt - definately not a plain colour!

PestoMonster · 20/04/2007 21:29

I was going to suggest a golden colour too NappyAddict. My friend did her whole house in it and it looked lovely. Really warm and welcoming and not too bad for the sort of stains you'll inevitably have to deal with.

babyblue2 · 24/04/2007 21:27

We have a gold coloured carpet, it looks lovely but it does mark very easily. In the end we had to buy a carpet cleaner and it is cleaned every month. We've had it 2 half yrs and we'd like to change iy.

PestoMonster · 24/04/2007 21:30


babyblue2 · 24/04/2007 21:44

Now that we've experienced the gold carpet, we would be looking at a deep red, terracotta or dark beige colour, or perhaps green which is what it was prior to us changing it. Its a very hard decision to make IMO.

elasticbandstand · 24/04/2007 21:45

? pale green
not rugs, dc might trip, or you might!

MaloryTowers · 24/04/2007 21:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cat64 · 24/04/2007 21:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers · 24/04/2007 21:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gtimama · 24/04/2007 21:58

Don't get red. My hall carpet drives me mad, it shows every single little bit.

jennifersofia · 24/04/2007 22:00

We have inherited deep blue in our front/dining room. Everything shows up on it and it must be hoovered nightly (and I am not really the obsessive cleaning type!) Upstairs we have cream, and I would second what Kristina M says. In the hallway and on the stairs we have blue grey low pile hard wearing, and that is the one that looks the best. Doesn't show stains, cleans up well, hasn't worn, etc.

Twinmummyx2 · 26/04/2007 13:42

I've had a cream carpet for the last 4 years with 8 children! it has done well considering..but i am able to put pure bleach on it (stunk the house out though but worked!)..

Anyway...i need to get a new one now-and have decided to go with a browny/mink colour as my roon is very big with lots of windows/high ceilings. i just need to find a coffee coloured paint that will go with it....some walls are cream so it won't be all over coffee....have to be careful i don't over do the 'brown' thing...

MuffinMclay · 26/04/2007 13:58

We have a gold coloured carpet (inherited when we moved here) and it looks awful. Every little stain (and all the big ones) sticks out like a sore thumb. It was spotless when we moved in a year ago, and now I'd be embarrassed for anyone to see it.
A combination of baby puke, dog pawprints, and 2 clumsy adults have done for it.

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