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adding essential oils to water in the iron?

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Yorkiegirl · 13/04/2007 19:01

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
mumto3girls · 13/04/2007 19:02

Wouldn't that leave oil marks on you clothes though...?

zippitippitoes · 13/04/2007 19:02

wouldn't they leave grease spots?

Waswondering · 13/04/2007 19:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Coolmama · 13/04/2007 19:02

nope, wouldn't suggest it - try lavender water that is made specifically for adding to an iron - will try to find a link for you.

Coolmama · 13/04/2007 19:06

here you go!

bubbles4 · 13/04/2007 19:08

seem to remember a thread about somebody doing this and going through about five irons in two years and wondering if it was what she was adding to the water.

Yorkiegirl · 13/04/2007 19:26

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
brimfull · 13/04/2007 19:37

I add lavender oil to a water spray thing,no oil marks that way.Does mean you have to spray seperately though.

Btw YG ,how did the tuna go down?

NannyL · 15/04/2007 10:36

i used deionised water

it doesnt smell but 8 I hate all artificial smells anyway.... yuk

it cost about 50p for 2 litres so isnt expensive and it doesnt scale up my iron

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