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Best way to get crayon off walls please

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PetitFilou1 · 12/04/2007 13:22

Ds has drawn all over my friends wall - he has never done this before! I scrubbed it for her but it hasn't all come off (painted not wallpaper). Tips please?

OP posts:
aDad · 12/04/2007 13:26

Hairspray. Think we got the tip off mn!

spray then wipe off with kitchen paper.

It does work but do a small patch first as it can take the paint off with it. which it did in our case!

bodiddly · 12/04/2007 13:48

My ds did this a few weeks ago and I used one of those Flash magic eraser blocks ... not sure what they are really called but they are white and you just dampen them and wipe the wall and it comes straight over! Brilliant.

nannynick · 12/04/2007 16:26

Babywipes can sometimes work. They can even get permanent marker off walls, if done quickly before the ink drys.

NannyL · 12/04/2007 19:36

Flash magic erasers

or the same type of thing made by jml.... it does work

Flumpytina · 12/04/2007 19:38

ditto NannyL, you can get similar at Lakeland. Many an art work here has been removed with them.

TooTicky · 12/04/2007 19:41

MIL recommends bread.

mumtoaprincess · 14/04/2007 10:26

I use Cif. Works a treat.

electra · 14/04/2007 10:27

Babywipes, hot water and washing up liquid.

SoupDragon · 14/04/2007 10:28

I thought WD40 is often recommended. THose magic sponges are good though but they can also remove the paint. Got ink stamps off wallpaper once with minimal fading to the pattern on the paper

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