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Just been given a Kirby legend 2 with all the extras

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burstingwithminicremeeggs · 31/03/2007 13:07

What on earth do I do with it? Had a quick look at the manual and it seems complicated to add the hose let alone try out all the other functions it does.

Does anyone here use this, and how do you get on with it?

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dustystar · 31/03/2007 13:09

We have a kirby 2001. Don't know how similar they are.

dustystar · 31/03/2007 13:10

It took a while to get used to but we get on well with it. Its a bit heavy but very powerful

burstingwithminicremeeggs · 31/03/2007 13:16

The user manual is 1984! so it's ancient.
Will try and use it as a basic hoover before I try anything too exciting with it. Our carpets need a good shampooing really, might try that on Thursday. Is there a specific cleaning product I have to use, or can it be any any carpet shampoo?

OP posts:
dustystar · 31/03/2007 13:19

Its supposed to be the proper kirby shampoo with ours. I've never tried anything else with it but tbh I usually use a proper carpet cleaner with ours. The kirby is good at keeping it fresh and clean but not so good at cleaning a dirty carpet. I have a huge tub of shampoo - I am near Poole in Dorset - you are very welcome to have some of it if you are nearby.

burstingwithminicremeeggs · 31/03/2007 13:22

We're on Portland, close but not close enough
We have a light carpet which is very murky now what with a dog, 2yr old and 7mth old!
May need a industrial strength cleaner!

OP posts:
dustystar · 31/03/2007 13:25

Well if its of any interest to you we are camping in Charmouth the week after Easter. If you like I can bring a small container of it with me and you can collect it from there. Its up to you. i bought a big tub of the shampoo but i very rarely use it so you are welcome to have some.

burstingwithminicremeeggs · 31/03/2007 13:31

I'd love to, but we don't have any transport .
Thanks for the offer though

OP posts:
burstingwithminicremeeggs · 31/03/2007 16:19

I've just hoovered round and actually found it really light to use. Much lighter than my upright vax!

OP posts:
fruittea · 31/03/2007 16:42

I have one too, same vintage (in fact, just spent an hour with it...great fun for Saturday afternoon...)

I've used ordinary carpet shampoo, but haven't used it often to wash - just hoover really. Find it very heavy, especially on the stairs, but there's no doubt that it's VERY effective.

We get spares online, as no dealer nearby. You can still get spare screws, leads etc when you need them.

I found the "copycat" bags not strong enough, so only buy genuine Kirby now.

Happy to try to help if you have any queries

burstingwithminicremeeggs · 31/03/2007 16:45

Thanks Fruittea. Which online shop do you use?

OP posts:
fruittea · 04/04/2007 08:33

sorry, been away from the PC for a few days

I don't think we've used any shop in particular - just Googled and found what we've needed. Haven't needed anything for a while so can't remember where we got last batch - but will try to dig out the paperwork, if we kept it.

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