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~~~~~~~WEEKEND FLY~~~~~~~

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glitterfairy · 31/03/2007 08:27

Hi everyone. Well so far today I have:

Written a paper for work
Spent 15 minutes de cluttering and arranging office again
unblocked sink
started shining process with bleach
washing up
putting away
washing x1
drying x1
putting away and sorting clothes

Welcome to the weekend!

OP posts:
Taylormamaloveslindtbunnies · 31/03/2007 08:40

hi - i haven't been on here for ages as flying has gone out of the window. Anyway, back on track today (i hope)

Unloaded dishwasher
Put clean laundry away
Made bed in spare room
Put DS's washing on
Tidied lounge

Still have to:
Change our bed (wash bedding)
Swish and wipe bathroom
sort out recycling

go house hunting!!!

BabiesEverywhere · 31/03/2007 08:43

Good Morning

I have wiped over Kitchen
Cleaned bathroom

Hoovering the living room

That is it

Have a nice weekend ladies

talcyone · 31/03/2007 08:49

Morning all

Taken x2 paracetamol
hidden under blanket on sofa
asked dds to be quiet....several times

lots to do

Blimey, you lot are good

shouldbe · 31/03/2007 09:07

Hello everyone We're over here! - two weekend FLY threads started at the same time....

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