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Extra (cheap) clothes storage needed, any suggestions?

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Pannacotta · 24/03/2007 09:38

We need to re-jig our bedroom arrangement in time for baby number 2 and need to clear out one large wardrobe (1.2 metres wide and full of mainly my clothes and boots).
We do have about 1 metre of free spaces in another room where we can store clothes and shoes but I can't decide what best to go for.
Don't want to have wardrobes as that room already has fitted cupboards so was thinking of maybe clothes rails and low drawers or a canvas wardrobe.
Does anyone have any suggestions (I am not very good at organising my clothes!) for what works for them and where to get it? Would prefer not to spend too much as it may be a temporary solution...

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tinkerbellhadpiles · 24/03/2007 09:43

Stacking storage boxes - put everything you don't wear in a week in them. Then when you haven't worn the stuff for three months recycle it. The canvas affairs get filthy and fall off the rail causing lots of frustration.

Pannacotta · 24/03/2007 14:54

Thanks Tinkerbell, but in fact the clothes and boots I need to store is stuff I do use, so prob need sth more accessible.
Any other ideas anyone?

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Bucketsofdynomite · 24/03/2007 14:56

Have a look at what actually needs hanging up, it might be less than you think. Everything else can go in drawers.

Pannacotta · 24/03/2007 15:00

Thats the thing, have totally run out of space in our wardrobes and chest of drawers...
Have also had a sort though and have got rid of loads but is lots left.
I need to buy new storage, just not sure WHAT!
Can't get to IKEA so was thinking of Argos etc, just not sure what to buy to make the best of the limited space we have...
Can anyone suggest something?

OP posts:
tinkerbellhadpiles · 24/03/2007 18:01

Ikea do mail order in some areas now....or freecycle a request

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