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Vacuum Storage Bags

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Drusilla · 23/03/2007 22:29

We are moving to Cyprus and I need to ram as much of our stuff as possible into a 12 cubic meter container! Thought I would put all bedding and clothes etc into these bags to save space. JML do a multi pack on their website, but before I buy them does anyone know of anywhere really cheap I can get them?

OP posts:
fussymummy · 23/03/2007 23:04

I got mine from QVC when they were on offer.
Or try ebay as i've seen them on there as well.

maisym · 23/03/2007 23:21

jojomamanbebe or blooming mavellous

Furball · 23/03/2007 23:24

are they to store your vacuum in?

I think woolworths do them and so do Wilkinsons and shops like that.

Califrau · 23/03/2007 23:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Drusilla · 24/03/2007 08:36

Thank you all for answering such a boring post How did the holes happen?

OP posts:
meandthomas · 24/03/2007 10:48

Lakeland ones are fab. I had the ones from woolworths and they split. But the lakeland ones are much stronger and better quality.

KTeePee · 24/03/2007 11:27

I think I got mine from Argos

MintChocChippyMinton · 24/03/2007 11:31

got JML ones in tesco - about £10 for two though IIRC. first time i used one of them it split right on the zippy closure bit (stuck it with sellotape). But they are good idea

Califrau · 24/03/2007 21:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Drusilla · 24/03/2007 22:53

Unfortunately our crate is being supplied by the Army so is TINY!

OP posts:
shonaspurtle · 24/03/2007 23:11

They are excellent for duvets and pillows, towels etc.

They do have a tendency to start to reinflate a bit after a while but if they were well packed in a crate that wouldn't matter.

I got mine from QVC - mixed set but the smaller sizes weren't so useful.

Drusilla · 24/03/2007 23:19

Thanks all. Am looking at the QVC ones.

OP posts:
Monkeybar · 24/03/2007 23:33

Dunelm mills do them too, but don't know if theyr're cheap. Mine also reinflated - but if they last until you get them in the conatiner, you should be okay.... you'll never be able to get them out again, though

Drusilla · 24/03/2007 23:40

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Califrau · 26/03/2007 16:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lilymaid · 26/03/2007 16:50

Mine are from Lakeland and have been reused several times for duvets and pillows. I would recommend them.

Clary · 26/03/2007 16:59

I have several and they are all crap. Without exception they let in air about an hour after deflation.

Just use them as big clothes bags but no vacuum effect.

Clearly need to look into Lakeland ones then

NineUnlikelyTales · 26/03/2007 17:12

I used the Lakeland ones and they were still rubbish. I threw them away.

Also, DON'T use them for feather pillows, duvets etc as they crush the feathers and ruin the pillows. As I discovered

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