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And today we learnt....

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flamey · 22/03/2007 13:48

... that custard cream handprints and kisses must be washed at 40 not 30 or your black dress just comes out with wierd white powdery bits

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hunkermunker · 22/03/2007 13:49

Oh dear!

Flame, that's you, right? I'll post the sleepsuit tomorrow.

Have a hug too x x x

ScottishThistle · 22/03/2007 13:49

I learned a long time ago not to wear black with little ones!

Jeans are the only thing that survive children for many years!

flamey · 22/03/2007 13:53

I will look nice occasionally - spent too much money on a dress that now doesn't fit not to wear the thing

Thanks Hunker

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